Gamer Girls: 7 Reasons Why We Love Them

Taking the world by storm!
Taking the world by storm!

Gamer girls, they just wanna have fun!

You know what they say: only guys play video games. A lot of recent research, however, proves that popular rumor false. The gaming population is in fact between 44% and 50% female, and these gamer girls aren’t all casuals, too! There are only slightly more hardcore gamer guys than girls, and both sexes enjoy the same types of video game genres.

We are steadily marching into a future where women are acknowledged as real gamers by both the gaming industry and the multitudes of male gamers worldwide. But what is it about gamer girls that we find so admirable?

In this article, which we’re calling Gamer Girls: 7 Reasons Why We Love Them, we salute all you gamers girls out there for your passion, your energy, and your contributions to the industry we all love!

1. They’re passionate about gaming

One need look no further than many of YouTube celebrities such as Dodger, Minx, and Melonie Mac to see just how passionate gamer girls are about video gaming. As any gamer would, these women go nuts for their favorite video game titles, characters, and genres.

But it’s not just these few famous women who enjoy games. You’ll find gamer girls raving about their favorite titles on your Facebook newsfeed, or posting fan art on sites like Instagram, DeviantArt, and Tumblr. You’ll see them in gaming conventions and eSports events. You’ll observe them buying games at your local games store, or playing MOBAs in internet shops. In fact, there are more women over the age of 18 who play games (33%) than males under the age of 18 who play games (15%). So if you’re still wondering if it’s possible for women to love games, let the facts speak for themselves!

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