Top 10 Hottest Babes in League of Legends

Top 10 Hottest Babes in League of Legends
Riot's Babes!

Is Your Favorite League of Legends Female On This List?

Does League of legends sexualize women? Yes, yes they do. It’s a fact, deal with it. Now let’s talk about which League of Legends girl characters are the hottest. Let’s skip the chat, here they are. The 10 hottest League of Legends girl characters:

10. LeBlanc

Le'Blanc is considered by many to be the most mobile champion in the game

We are starting it off on the bit of the tame side with this character. LeBlanc is the mysterious regal looking dame you would meet while out late in the fancier part of town. You would have a fantastic night together and then you would never see her again, or your wallet. She is incredibly deceiving which makes her even more attractive for those who like to play the hard to get game. That and she can clone herself wink wink.

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James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 8 years 8 months ago

Janna is hot

Cherrykuns's picture

Cherrykuns 8 years 9 months ago

DJ Sona seemed hot well, and Slay Belle Katarina certainly makes one wish for a mistletoe above their heads.

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