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Stealing your heart!
Stealing your heart!

9. Jessica Nigri


Too cool to run from zombies! (Photo by Larry Alan Photography, from Jessica Nigri)

If you haven’t heard of Jessica Nigri, you’re either a cave-dwelling hermit or a Tibetan monk.

Nigri is everywhere these days, from modeling photos to YouTube. She can even be heard in anime (she voices Sonico in the English dub of Super Sonico: The Animation)! What she's best known for, however, is her cosplay, which has been scientifically proven to fry people's brains. Her cosplay is so good that she’s been hired to serve as the spokesmodel for various entertainment entities, including Warner Bros. Games, Ubisoft, Tecmo Koei, Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2011, Montreal Comiccon 2013, Ottawa Pop Expo, and more.

And yes, she’s a gamer too, who’s into games like Pokemon, League of Legends, Gears of War, and Assassin’s Creed.

Jessica Nigri is a gamer’s dream come true because:

- She won an IGN contest for her stunning portrayal of Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet Starling.

- She also specializes in crossplay, which is cosplaying female versions of male characters.

- She’s a loveable goofball who isn’t afraid of looking silly in front of the camera


Mesmerizing Rikku! (Photo by Martin Wong, from Jessica Nigri)

Elm Street

A nightmare worth having! (Photo by Jwai Design Photography, from Jessica Nigri)


"My cheek itches." (Image from Jessica Nigri)

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