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Stealing your heart!
Stealing your heart!

1. Sjokz

Believe it or not, Sjokz’s nickname is actually easier to pronounce (see video above) than her real name: Eefje Depoortere. But it doesn’t matter whether or not you can produce those syllables on your lips. Because here at Gamers Decide, we all know her as Gaming Goddess.

As the host for the European League Championship Series in Germany, this enchanting Belgian beauty is a rising star in the world of competitive gaming. But Sjokz’s not all talk; she started gaming over a decade ago, participating in Unreal Tournament ’99, and helping her national team achieve victory in the Eurocup several times. She eventually entered the League of Legends scene and appeared on various shows associated with the game, such as The Summoners Recap and Whose League is it Anyway.

Sjokz is more than worthy of your admiration because:

- She counts the first-person shooter genre as her first love. In fact, her nickname is derived from “shockrifle,” a weapon she favored in Unreal Tournament.

- She has a master’s degree in both Journalism and History.

- Her smile can heal the world.


She's great at her job! (Image from Sjokz)


The lights shine bright for Sjokz. (Image from Sjokz)


A total angel. (Image from Sjokz)


Asking the right questions. (Image from Sjokz)


Your consumate esports host! (Photo by esportphoto, from IEM and Sjokz)

Now that we’ve expressed how much we worship these gals, we’d like to turn the tables on our readers! Who do you think are the hottest gamer girls in the world? And if the cosmic powers that be conspired to grant you a single wish, which of the lovely ladies on this list would you choose to be with? Tell us in the comments section below!

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