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Stealing your heart!
Stealing your heart!

5. Raychul Moore


Just a picture of Bee Mario and some Toads. (Image from Raychul Moore)

Raychul Moore isn’t exaggerating when she calls herself a video game addict. Who else has Kratos’ Blades of Chaos on her kitchen countertop, and Booker DeWitt’s Sky-Hook on top of her fridge? She has so many video games that if their boxes were connected end to end, they would form a bridge to the moon. Okay, now maybe that’s a hyperbole, but you get the idea!

In her YouTube channel, Raychul discusses everything that would make geeks beam with pride. The Last of Us? Star Wars? Ghostbusters? You name it, she’s talked about it. She even does her own game reviews! She also cosplays, interviews people of interest in the gaming industry, covers conventions and gaming events for Machinima, EGM, GamePro, GameZone, and other companies. What can we say? Girl likes to keep herself busy!

We’re in love with this gorgeous lady because:

- She has an extensive collection of geek memorabilia, including action figures, statuettes, artwork, weapon replicas, and plushies.

- She’s so obsessed with Star Wars she probably knows more about the galaxy far, far away than George Lucas himself.

- Her blonde hair is like a drop of sunlight, thawing even the most bitter of winters.


Your princess is in THIS castle. (Image from Raychul Moore)


Loving the palm trees! (Photo by Rick Basaldua, from Raychul Moore)


Mama Mia! (Image from Raychul Moore)


Just a picture of a girl who looks sleepy. (Image from Raychul Moore)

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