10 Hottest Female Villains From Video Games

10 Hottest Female Villains From Video Games
It’s not always the hero that’s attractive

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It’s not always the hero that’s attractive. Video games are full of female villains that make us use the in game zoom function a little excessively. The ability of game makers to create attractive female villains is quite impressive since this list contains not just humans, but other creatures like demonic characters as well. Here we go: The top 10 hottest female villains from video games.

10. Tanya 

Dark and exotic Tanya

Tanya is a female villain from the Mortal Kombat series. Unlike most other girls from the game, she thinks highly of her own diplomatic abilities. I suppose if diplomacy involves dismembering, brutally crushing, and incinerating people, then she has a pretty valid point. However, she’s still a looney that worships a demon god bent on the destruction of all living things… so yeah, I definitely get the crazy vibe from her.      

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