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2. Hanzo (Defense)

Hanzo has made it his life’s work to restore his honor through protecting others.

Name: Hanzo Shimada

Job: Mercenary and Assassin

Affiliation: Shimada Clan

Abilities that make him strong: Sonic Arrow and Dragonstrike

Hanzo Gameplay Video

About Hanzo

The Shimada Clan was Hanzo’s legacy. At a young age he trained hard, knowing that one day he would fulfill his father’s role as the ruler of Shimada Empire.

When the time came for him to fulfill that role he was asked to also lead his brother to help him. His brother refused and Hanzo had to kill him, leaving him broken and devastated. It was then he decided he did not want to fulfill the legacy that was left before him.

Now, he travels the world and uses his skills as a bowman and assassin to restore his honor.

A perfectly aimed shot.

Hanzo’s Abilities

  1. Storm Bow is Hanzo’s main weapon. It fires arrows at his target.
  2. Sonic Arrow is a useful ability. Like Widowmaker’s Recon Visor, Sonic Arrow allows Hanzo to mark targets within range of its strike. This gives his allies sight on where they are if they fall within the range. It can be used more frequently, unlike Widowmaker’s which has to be charged.
  3. Scatter Arrow let’s Hanzo shoot an arrow that splits into pieces and can hit several targets at once.
  4. Dragonstrike is Hanzo’s powerful ultimate. When summoned, a Spirit Dragon is released and travels straight ahead. It can pass through wall and eliminate enemies caught in its path. There’s little chance of surviving this ability if caught in it, which makes it a very powerful ability.

Hanzo’s Ability Preview

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