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10. Tracer (Offense)

Tracer’s ability to time-jump both forwards and backwards gives her the unique ability to engage her enemies and escape before they even know what hit them.

Name: Lena Oxton

Job: Adventurer

Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Abilities that make her strong: Blink and Pulse Bomb

About Tracer

Tracer is a former Overwatch agent who has the ability to time-jump. She was brought into the Overwatch experimental flight program and tested a teleporting fighter. In the first flight, a malfunction caused the fighter to disappear with Tracer in it.

She was thought to be dead, but months later turned up. The whole incident left her as a living ghost, where she was rarely in one place for long, always coming and going for months and unable to maintain formed.

A device created by Winston gave Tracer the ability to stay in physical form in the present, allowing her to maintain control of her own time. This made her one of Overwatch’s best agents.

Tracer’s Abilities

  1. Pulse Pistols are Tracer’s main weapon. This allows her to rapid-fire both pistols.
  2. Blink gives Tracer the ability to move through space and show up a few yards away. This is powerful because it has a short cooldown and combined with Recall she can zip back and forth around you, making her hard to hit while she deals damage to you.
  3. Recall allows Tracer to move backwards in time. This move returns her health, ammo, and position to a few moments before.
  4. Pulse Bomb is Tracer’s ultimate ability. It is a large bomb that will stick to any surface or enemy. It explodes and deals high damage to those around within range.

Tracer is one of those characters that is fun to play, but when you’re against her, she can be annoying. She moves quickly, zipping through time and shooting you in the back. By the time you realize it, you’re usually dead, which is why she makes the list.

A look at Tracer’s abilities

Gamer Since: 1998
Favorite Genre: RPG
Currently Playing: Overwatch
Top 3 Favorite Games:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Mass Effect 2,