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8. McCree (Offense)

Bounty Hunter, ready for action.

Name: Jesse McCree

Job: Bounty Hunter

Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Abilities that make him strong: Flashbang and Dead Eye

McCree gameplay video

About McCree

McCree is an outlaw bounty hunter who likes to take justice into his own hands.

Prior to being recruited into Overwatch, McCree was a weapons trafficker in the Deadlock Gang. After being busted, he was given the choice of joining Overwatch, or serving life in a maximum security facility.

McCree prepares to take down his enemies with his handy Peacekeeper.

McCree’s Abilities

1. Peacekeeper is the name of his revolver, and also his main ability. Shoot one bullet it at a time or rapidly shoot all six.

2. Combat Roll is McCree’s handy escape. Not only will it remove him from harm’s way, his gun automatically reloads.

3. Flashbang is a disorienting ability. If hit, the player becomes confused and stunned, giving McCree the perfect opportunity to dole out justice and death. Flashbang followed by Peacekeeper usually leaves the enemy in pieces, making it one ability you want to avoid being hit with.

4. Dead Eye is a deadly ultimate that targets players and lands a deadly blow, capable of eliminating an entire party. This easily makes him one of the strongest offense in the game.

McCree abilities video

Gamer Since: 1998
Favorite Genre: RPG
Currently Playing: Overwatch
Top 3 Favorite Games:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Mass Effect 2,