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6. Widowmaker (Defensive Sniper)

She’s as deadly as she is beautiful.

Name: Amélie Lacroix

Job: Assassin

Affliation: Talon

Abilities that make her strong: Widow’s Kiss and Infra Sight

Widowmaker Gameplay Video

About Widowmaker

Just as her name suggests, Widowmaker is a ruthless assassin who shows no mercy or remorse for her killings.

She was married to Gerard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent. His main job was to run operations against a terrorist organization called Talon. When multiple attempts at his life failed, they targeted his wife, known then as Amélie, instead.

She was put through intense neural reconditioning and made a sleeper agent. Then she was returned home, seemingly normal. Two weeks later, she killed her husband while he slept.

She returned to Talon and was trained in covert arts and subjected to more alterations that took away human emotion, thus turning her into a very effective assassin.

Widowmaker snipes from a distance, disabling targets and removing them from the field.

Widowmaker’s Abilities

  1. Widow’s Kiss is her handy-dandy sniper rifle which can take out targets from a distance. When powered up to full charge, it can eliminate most other heroes in one hit. If they don’t take fatal damage, they’ll be close, leaving them vulnerable for a second shot that WILL finish the job.
  2. Grappling Hook allows Widowmaker to move away from danger, or position herself in such a way that she can snipe enemies.
  3. Venom Mine is a poison mine that will adhere to nearly any surface. As an enemy approaches, the mine will trigger and cause enemies within range to become poisoned.
  4. Infra-Sight is Widowmaker’s ultimate. With her recon visor, she can locate the position of her enemies through the walls using their heat signatures. This ability is strong because it also allows her allies to see where the enemy team is located as well. This is an excellent ability that can help out a team when they are trying to obtain a target or even defend one.

Widowmaker Abilities Video

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