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3. Bastion (Offense)

Curious Bastion only wants to learn about the world about him.

Name: SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54

Job: Battle Automaton

Affiliation: None

Abilities that make him strong: Configuration: Sentry, Self-Repair, and Configuration: Tank

Bastion Gameplay Video

About Bastion

Bastion robot units were created for peacekeeping reasons, but during the Omnic Crisis were used against their human creators. This was the majority of the omnic’s army.

After the crisis, most of the units were destroyed. Sadly, the Bastion units remind those of the horrors of the conflict.

One unit was forgotten and left to sit, dormant, for many years. One day, it suddenly reactivated. No longer interested in war and battle, it wanted to explore its surroundings and learn as much as possible.

Though mostly gentle, there are times it’s combatant side still takes over and has led to conflict with some humans. Bastion prefers to be in the wild, avoiding populated areas altogether.

Bastion’s Abilities

  1. Configuration: Recon is Bastion’s recon mode. In this mode he able to move around and carries a submachine gun that fires within medium range.
  2. Configuration: Sentry is a danger to enemy players. In this mode Bastion is stationary, which makes him vulnerable, but when placed in an area where he is not immediately seen, he can inflict very painful damage on an unsuspecting enemy team. He uses his powerful gatling gun to rain bullets on the enemies and can reach from short to medium range.  
  3. Reconfigure allows Bastion to adapt to conditions on the battlefield by switching between its to combat modes.
  4. Self-Repair allows Bastion to restore his health, which comes in handy if there isn’t a healer around.

When used with Mercy’s damage boost and a cover from Reinhardt’s shield, Bastion damage in Sentry mode will leave the other team in chaos and will send someone to eliminate him.

Configuration: Tank gives Bastion two perks, being mobile and having a long-range cannon that shoots explosive shells in a wide blast radius that will crush targets caught in its path.

Bastion Abilities Preview

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