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1. Lúcio (Support)

Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier heals his allies and damages his enemies in battle.

Name: Lúcio Correia dos Santos

Job: DJ and Freedom Fighter

Affiliation: None

Abilities that make him strong: Sonic Amplifier and Sound Barrier

Lúcio Gameplay Preview

Who says celebrities can’t make a difference in the world? Lúcio does just that.

He grew up poor in an area that was hit hard by the Omnic Crisis. A dark time for everyone, he found support in music. He often performed to uplift peoples’ spirits.

When the Vishkar Corporation came and said their redevelopment would improve the lives of the people around him, they believed it. However, it never became a reality. Instead it turned their world into a prison.

There were forced curfews, crackdown on “lawless behavior” and using the people as a cheap labor force.

Lúcio stood up to the Vishkar Corporation by stealing sonic technology that was being used to suppress the people. He turned it into a tool to rally them into action. His action, with those of his people, made the Vishkar Corporation leave and it made Lúcio an overnight star.

He uses his musical ability to rally his allies.

Lúcio’s Abilities

  1. Sonic Amplifier is Lúcio’s main weapon. He can hit his enemies with projectiles or knock them back with a blast of sound.
  2. Crossfade allows Lúcio to energize himself and nearby teammates with music. With it he can switch between two modes. One mode increases movement speed and the other regenerates health to allies within range. This allows him to be very versatile, an attacker and a healer in one.
  3. Amp It Up is a simple move that boosts the effects of whatever song he is playing currently, be it speed or healing.
  4. Sound Barrier is a move that can offer the team support at a crucial moment. In the heat of battle, when your team is in the thick of it, a pop of Sound Barrier provides Lúcio and nearby allies with a huge shield buff that can save a team and also give them a chance to defeat enemies.

Each of the 21 heroes in Overwatch have unique and powerful abilities. Did your favorite hero qualify as a strongest hero? Let us know below!


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