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5. Mercy (Support)

A force for good in the world, Mercy has dedicated her life to healing others.

Name: Angela Ziegler

Job: Field Medic and First Responder

Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Abilities that make her strong: Caduceus Staff and Resurrect

A peek at Mercy’s gameplay

About Mercy

Mercy’s breakthrough in nanobiology that drastically improved how life-threatening illnesses and injuries were treated is what interested Overwatch in the healer. Though she originally did not believe in their militaristic approach, she came to realized that it was an opportunity to make a difference.

After the war and the crumble of Overwatch, she dedicated her life to helping everyone who had been affected by war.

Take her hand and go toward the light.

Mercy’s Abilities

  1. Caduceus Staff is the weapon that Mercy uses. It has two functions. It can heal single target allies or give them a damage boost. The damage boost ability is most often seen being used with Bastion and Reinhardt. The combination makes this trio strong and frustrating to deal with.
  2. Caduceus Blaster is a simple short-range blaster. It’s nothing special and mostly used for self-defense, but can save a life on occasion.
  3. Guardian Angel is a handy escape skill. If being targeted, Mercy can target a distant alley and fly towards them, removing her from harm’s way. It can also be used to reach an ally who is critically injured and needs healing.
  4. Angelic Descent allows Mercy to slow her descent from great heights.
  5. Resurrect is quite possibly the biggest game changer in the entire game. In a moment where most of her team is dead, she can resurrect them to the fight with full health which can be dangerous for the opposing team who has probably suffered from damage and now has to deal with a team that has full health again.

Mercy Abilities Preview

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