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9. Winston (Tank)

Winston: a brilliant scientist, adventurer, and lover of humankind.

Name: Winston

Job: Scientist and Adventurer

Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Abilities that make him strong: Barrier Projector and Primal Rage

Winston Gameplay Video

About Winston

A genetically engineered gorilla with a love for humanity, Winston is an intelligent being and scientist. When Earth created the Horizon Lunar Colony to renew space exploration, Winston and other genetically enhanced gorillas were part of this group.

He was the champion of the other gorillas, exhibiting brilliance beyond all the others and was picked by Dr. Harold Winston to undergo further education and training.

The other gorillas did not share Winston’s sentiment for humanity and thus led an uprising against them, killing them all and taking over the base. Winston escaped, using a rocket he fashioned himself and returned to Earth where he found his place within Overwatch.

Smart enemies avoid Winston all together, his Tesla Cannon zaps you, chipping away at their health.

Winston’s Abilities

1. Tesla Cannon is Winston’s basic auto-ability. It’s great for a player who isn’t great at aiming, mainly because it creates lightning bolts that spread out between enemies.

2. Barrier Projector is a temporary shield that can be cast by Winston. While activated, it creates a protective shield that will allow your team to experience immunity from the enemy team, while they return fire.

What makes Winston stronger than the other tanks not included on this list is his shield ability. His shield blocks incoming damage while those inside of it can still attack enemies outside.

3. Jump Pack allows Winston to jump into the enemy team and also causes a small amount of damage to them. However, keep in mind that when activated you do not control where Winston leaps. Instead you leap in the direction that you are facing, making it a crucial skill to master.

4. Finally, Winston ultimate ability is Primal Rage and it makes him nearly invincible. It restores his health, shortens the cool down on Jump Pack from 6 seconds to 2 second, allowing him to leap upon enemies repeatedly.

Winston ability video

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