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4. Reinhardt (Tank)

Name: Reinhardt Wilhem

Job: Adventurer

Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Abilities that make him strong: Barrier Field and Earthshatter

Reinhardt Gameplay Preview

About Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a knight in shining armor. One of the original Overwatch strike team members, he dedicated his life to putting an end to the Omnic Crisis. He was a strong supporter and force for reminding everyone that Overwatch was meant to be a positive support for the world.

He was forced into mandatory retirement and feared that his days of purpose were over. After Overwatch disbanded and the world began to fall into chaos again, Reinhardt put on his armor and began to fight once again to show that heroes are needed in the world.

Reinhardt has dedicated his life to protecting others.

Reinhardt’s Abilities

  1. Rocket Hammer is a hammer that swings in a wide arc that can deal devastating damage to enemies.
  2. Barrier Field is an ability that makes Reinhardt one of the strongest tanks in the game. With Barrier Field, Reinhardt creates a forward-facing energy shield that can absorb large amounts of damage that allows him and his team to push forward to their objective.
  3. Charge allows Reinhardt to charge forward and pin the first enemy he comes in contact with while blowing others aside. If the enemy is crushed into a wall, they will suffer extreme damage that will be fatal to an already injured foe.
  4. Fire Strike whips his Rocket Hammer forward and slings a flaming projectile towards enemies.
  5. Earthshatter is Reinhardt’s devastating ultimate. He slams his Rocket Hammer into the ground which will stun, knock down, and damage any enemies caught in its path. It can be the end of an enemy team if the rest of Reinhardt’s team uses the change to take out those affected by Earthshatter.

Reinhardt Abilities Preview

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