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7. Reaper (Offense)

They call him Reaper, because death follows him everywhere he goes.

Name: Unknown

Job: Mercenary

Affiliation: Unknown

Abilities that make him strong: Wraith Form and Death Blossom

Reaper Gameplay Video

About Reaper

A dangerous and ruthless mercenary, wherever Reaper goes, death is likely to follow. He is a terrorist who has no affiliation with any cause or organization but is believed to be hunting former Overwatch agents and destroying them.

In battle, Reaper’s two shotguns unload deadly shots at the enemy.

Reaper Abilities

1. Hellfire Shotguns are Reaper’s twin shotguns. When he runs out of ammo, he drops them and pulls out two more.

2. Wraith Form makes Reaper impenetrable for a short time, allowing him to pass through enemies. In this form he is unable to do damage however.

3. Shadow Step gives Reaper the ability to teleport. This combined with Wraith Form makes Reaper a very stealthy foe.

4. When Reaper unleashes Death Blossom, those caught in its path will meet their end. Both shotguns are emptied while dealing massive damage to those around him. Just like with McCree, this ultimate can be a game changer and eliminate the enemy team, but requires no charge or wait time.

If Reaper uses Shadow Step or Wraith Form to enter a group of enemies and executes his Death Blossom, this means the end of the enemy team.

Gamer Since: 1998
Favorite Genre: RPG
Currently Playing: Overwatch
Top 3 Favorite Games:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Mass Effect 2,