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Video game trailer masterpieces
Video game trailer masterpieces


70. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Official E3 Trailer

Oh that sexy song, and the sexy Ezio doing what he’s best at. But what really causes the skin to break out in goosebumps is that familiar, white-clad somebody he sees in those visions…

71. Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer

A gut-wrenching trailer about the demise of an ordinary family in the zombie apocalypse. Everyone was talking about it, everyone is still talking about it, and it hasn’t stopped making grown men and women cry themselves to sleep. One of the best video game trailers, ever.

72. Diablo III – Black Soulstone Cinematic

Welcome to the horror show. Because nothing is more horrifying than a big, fat giant demon with nipple rings.

73. Dota 2 – Gamescom Trailer

An exquisite, full CG reminder that Dota 2 has a variety of heroes to choose from to cater to every play style.

74. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Official Trailer

Talk about epic badassery. There’s that song. Then that Viking-like Nord shouting a dragon to death. And then other similarly badass things, such as a giant, a fortress carved into the side of a mountain, and a windmill. Goosebumps!

75. Forsaken World – Cinematic Trailer

Sometimes, rivals need to work together to face a much bigger threat.

76. The Last of Us – Announcement Trailer

The father-daughter relationship has been explored within the context of the zombie apocalypse before, but there was something new, something profoundly heartbreaking about this one… which made us want to play the game even more. One of the best video game trailers of 2011.

77. Portal 2 – “Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: Bot Trust”

Trust is key to any healthy relationship… unless you’re an Aperture Science robot.

78. Prey 2 – “Bounty” Trailer

You’re a high tech, gunslingin’ bounty hunter hot in pursuit of alien scum. ‘Nuff said.

79. Star Wars: The Old Republic – “Hope” Cinematic Trailer

Better than all three prequels combined. And no cringe-inducing diatribes about the coarseness of sand, either!

80. Street Fighter X Tekken – Comic Con 2011 Cinematic Trailer

While the luscious Poison oozes sex appeal, two of Tekken’s burliest wrestlers go head-to-head with Street Fighter’s resident man-giant. Over-the-top action and hilarity ensues.

81. Street Fighter X Tekken – “Rufus vs Bob” Tekken TGS 2011 trailer

Street Fighter’s blubbery clown challenges Tekken’s corpulent butt-kicker to the amusement of all. Features cameos from Zangief, Julia, and other fighters.

82. Tomb Raider – “Turning Point” Debut Trailer

In our first look at the new and improved Tomb Raider, we not only see that our favorite globetrotting adventurer has been given more believable proportions; the game itself is steeped in reality. Lara Croft bleeds and is capable of experiencing fear? Who’d have thought?

83. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – VGA Cinematic Trailer

It’s amazing what can be achieved with the Transformers license when placed in the right hands. This trailer gives us the gravitas the Michael Bay films lack, and even a sense of horror and loss usually reserved for films based on real wars. Let’s ignore the fact that Bumblebee looks like he’s got rosy cheeks, and salute it with the standing ovation slow clap it deserves.

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