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Video game trailer masterpieces
Video game trailer masterpieces


92. Halo 3: ODST – “We Are ODST” Live Action Trailer

Good enough to be a full-length war film, this live action trailer captures the raw emotion of armed conflict. And despite its science fiction roots, you will believe every second of it. One of the best video game trailers you’ll have the privilege to watch.

93. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – “Tyranid Invasion”

There was so much blood and killing going on in Dawn of War II that the Tyranids started feeling a little left out.

94. Red Dead Redemption – “My Name is John Marston” Official Trailer

A magnificently shot cinematic trailer introducing us to badass cowboy John Marston, and a host of other characters who probably haven’t bathed in weeks. Would make Clint Eastwood proud.


95. Battlefield: Bad Company – “Totally Not” TV Ad

Four goofballs go to war and blow stuff up. Let’s just say it’s a miracle that they survive to see a sequel.

96. Fallout 3 – Official Trailer

This opens up with a black-and-white commercial inviting well-to-do families to secure their futures by reserving themselves a spot in one of many Vaults. After such an excellent set-up, who wouldn’t be ready to enter a world populated by mutants, killer robots, zombies, and cannibals? One of the best video game trailers of 2008.

97. Left 4 Dead

Zoey sums it up best: run like hell!


98. BioShock

Once the elegance of the underwater city of Rapture has drawn you in, it unleashes a horror unlike anything you’ve seen before.

99. Grand Theft Auto IV – “Move Up, Ladies” Trailer

Welcome to the Land of the Free, Niko! Where achieving the American Dream means having to deal with an annoying, bowling-obsessed cousin, stealing cars for a steroids-abusing meathead, and shaking hands with goons who’d rather put a bullet in your brain!


100. Gears of War – “Mad World” Trailer

As one of the best video game trailers of all time, this proves that the gradual, almost subdued unveiling of horror, accompanied by the perfect song choice, is more evocative of terror than the overdone shaky cam, explosions-happy war footage.


101. World of Warcraft – Cinematic Trailer

Blizzard’s always been good at making cinematic trailers, but this takes the cake. We see Azeroth’s various locales and representatives of its diverse fantasy races – from a sultry night elf to a ghoulish undead – and then watch them go to war. Oh, the epicness.

So, did your favorite video game trailers make the cut? Tell us in the comments section below!

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