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Video game trailer masterpieces
Video game trailer masterpieces


84. Bayonetta – Launch Trailer

The game may be fast and furious, but this trailer dials things down for a slow, smooth, and sexy approach. One of 2010’s best video game trailers!

85. BioShock 2 – Launch Trailer

It’s nice to see things from the perspective of the hulking Big Daddy. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than feeding your enemies a faceful of giant drill.

86. DC Universe Online – Cinematic Trailer

A superpowered slugfest featuring everyone’s favorite DC heroes and villains, and a city-wide destruction of Man of Steel proportions. It’s awesome.

87. Batman: Arkham City – Hugo Strange

Jabbing needles into some poor schmuck and calling down an army on everyone’s favorite Bat-freak? If you don’t read comics religiously, then chances are you won’t be too familiar with Hugo Strange; but this trailer shows us exactly why he’s one the Dark Knight’s most dangerous foes.

88. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – E3 2010 Trailer

Fly too close to the sun, and you will burn. And it looks like that is where mankind is headed in this stunning cinematic trailer. Of course, all that technological advancement also means amazing gifts, such as the ability to have blades spring out of your arms, so it can’t be all that bad.

89. Mass Effect 2 – Launch Trailer

As one of the best video game trailers ever made, the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer has a lot going for it: an incredible score that’s equal parts moving, epic, and heroic; voice overs that offer a glimpse into the best parts of the story; and heart-stopping scenes that show the game’s diverse characters in action. All these work together to give the viewer the sense that they, as Shepard, can unite the galaxy against a menace that threatens all. Unforgettable.

90. Resistance 3 – Official Teaser

There is nothing ordinary about this train ride through the sun-soaked countryside.

91. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – “Ghosts of the Past” Trailer

What happens when you betray an ultra-powerful Terran ghost? Years of heartbreak and remorse, if you’re Jim Raynor; an army of murderous monsters if you’re Kerrigan.

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