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So much more fun than you can't remember!

10. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition: Siege of Dragonspear

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition: Siege of Dragonspear gameplay

See #11. This is a direct continuation of Baldur’s Gate, to the point that you can import your character from the first and just rock on from there. Taking place before the event in Baldur’s Gate 2, as a crusade erupts in the area north of the titular city. It’s up to you to go to Dragonspear Castle and beat some sense into yet another threat to your beloved Sword Coast.

Though still outdated by twenty years, this one holds its own and is worth the time if you’re feeling nostalgic… If you own the previous Baldur’s Gate, this one should be hooked to its trailer hitch and next in line to play.

Baldur’s Gate: Season 2. Will Ross and Rachel get back together, or will the fanatics tear the city apart?

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