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Games Like Baldur's Gate, baldurs gate alternatives
So much more fun than you can't remember!

14. Magicka 2

Magicka 2 gameplay

Oh my god, remember how I was gushing about Magicka 1? Well make sure you’re not sitting on anything that stains easily, because they managed to make it better. No, not better. Awesomer. Co-op with the dudes that played with you last time, and dive back in to seek out and save a prophesized child from the classic bad guys of yore.

The open-world spellbook is back, and somehow so much more immersive. Do what you like with your magics (magicKs?), from blasting a squad of goons to hell with the magical equivalent of a hydrogen bomb to casting a weak fire spell on yourself to dry yourself off. Awesomer. Yeah.

Sure, all hell’s breaking loose. But them water graphics, tho’.

13. Book of Demons

Book of Demons gameplay

I hope you dig these graphics as much as I do. Cute and 3D and simple: delve into the dungeons below the Old Cathedral to save the world from the Archdemon and his five subject notebook full of minions!

This is the Paper Mario that you write home about. (Unless you wrote home about Paper Mario, then, shame on you.) You swing your blade haphazardly, mowing down endless torrents of origami minions, an action-RPG through and through, peppered with a deck building system oddly akin to Pathfinder Adventures: Rise of the Runelords. Not a heady thing, but super fun. Play it in tandem with Exanima to keep from getting burnt out on either.

“Haven’t had this much polygon fun since WindWaker. And before that… FFVII?"

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