Baldur's Gate Best Companions: Strongest And Weakest Companions Revealed

A series of portraits of Baldur's Gate characters.
Which one of these characters will be lucky enough to join your party?

Your quest in Baldur’s Gate will only succeed with the aid of a strong party. Whether you’re a charging warrior or a defensive mage, having a team backing you up in your quest is essential for survival. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for a few characters and have plenty of companions.


But which companions do you choose? Which one is right for your type of playthrough? And which one talks to a hamster? We’ll answer all those questions in this guide to the best companions you can find in Baldur’s Gate.

1. Dorn Il-Khan

Those who want much power during their evil playthroughs look further for strength than Dorn Il-Khan. This half-orc paladin is neutral evil and has a strength level of 19, making him one of the most powerful companions in the game. You can find him at the Friendly Arm Inn.

Dorn is not only powerful but influential as well. You may notice he has a charisma level of 16, meaning he can strike fear into the world and let everybody know you’re not to be messed with. He also requires a certain level of evil as he can’t stand your party if your reputation reaches level 18. He’s a fearless warrior that also boasts a poison weapon ability. When heading into combat, this guy should be your second in command charging into battle.

What They Excel At:

  • Incredibly strong and charismatic
  • Special Traits: Half-orc paladin combination, poison weapons, fear immunity
  • Weapon Skills: Two-handed swords, two-handed weapons

Dorn II-Khan full details:


2. Neera

Neera is a real wild card as a Wild Mage that is chaotic neutral. She’s a half-elf that specializes in magic but rolls the dice with nearly every cast. She’s also more interesting as one of the newest additions to Baldur’s Gate, having been added to the Enhanced Editions. She can be found during Chapter 1 when you enter Beregost.

Her Wild Surge ability allows her to cast a number of spells that could either fail or be boosted. She can be a risky character for this ability but one that is worth the risk if you prefer to play dangerously. Keep her as a secret weapon, providing a variety of spells when needed. She’s a lot of fun as an unpredictable mage with some genuine surprises to her character.

What They Excel At:

  • Weapon Skills: Quarterstaff
  • Exclusive Equipment: Neera’s Staff
  • Wild Surge ability
  • Spells: Armor, Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb, Color Spray, Identify, Magic Missile (memorized), Nahal's Reckless Dweomer (memorized), Sleep

Neera full details:


3. Minsc


As one of the quirkiest characters in the game, Minsc is just an eccentric and neutral/chaotic good ranger who is absurdly devoted to doing the right thing. He also really loves his hamster named Boo. You can find him in Nashkel as he’s currently on a quest to find his beloved Dynaheir

What Minsc lacks in wisdom and intelligence he more than compensates for with his strength, dexterity, and constitution. He’s that gentle giant who isn’t always so gentle, considering he possesses the ability to go berserk. He’s strong enough to use most weapons and makes for a great tank. Also, he is voiced by Jim Cummings (better known as the voice of Pete from Goof Troop or Pooh from Winnie The Pooh) and it’s always a lot of fun to hear his big and bold voice throughout the game.

What They Excel At:

  • Weapon Skills: Longbow, Mace, Two-Handed Sword, Two-Weapon Style
  • Exclusive Powers: Berserk
  • Exclusive Equipment: Defender of Easthaven, Armor of Faith, Hardiness

Minsc full details:


4. Baeloth Barrityl

If you want a genuinely evil companion, it’s hard to top Baeloth. He’s a chaotic evil male drow sorcerer that you can find in Larswood in Chapter 1. His stats are surprisingly balanced (although his intelligence is the highest at 19), and he can learn some powerful spells early in the game. His strength is only at 12, so you’ll probably still want to keep him more as support.

What They Excel At:

  • Learn powerful spells quickly
  • Special Trait: 50% Magic Resistance
  • Exclusive Item: Barrityl's Burden
  • Spells: Finger of Death, Improved Chaos Shield, Prismatic Spray, Sphere of Chaos

Baeloth Barrityl full details:


5. Shar-Teel Dosan

Gruff and vicious, Shar-Teel Dosan is a chaotic evil human fighter who is quite the fighter. She has 17 dexterity and 18/58 strength. You can find her during Chapter 1 in the Mutamin's Garden area, east of the Temple area. She can dual as a thief to make her more useful for detecting traps and unlocking doors. That being said, she has an incredibly low constitution so you’re going to want to load her up with armor.

What They Excel At:

  • Special Traits: Able to dual to thief
  • Weapon Skills: Long Sword, Dagger, Two-Weapon Style, Crossbow

Shar-Teel Dosan full details:


6. Kivan

For a ranger with some kick, Kivan is your man. The chaotic good elf ranger is very much in tune with nature, considering his remarkable ability to charm animals. You can find him in the High Hedge area during Chapter 1. He’s highly skilled with strength at 18 and dexterity at 17. One aspect to be aware of is how fast Kivan levels up, making him powerful quickly.

What They Excel At:

  • Levels up fast
  • Weapon Skills: Long Sword, Halberd, Longbow
  • Special Ability: Charm Animal

Kivan full details:


7. Ajantis Ilvastarr

Ajantis is a pretty vanilla companion on the surface. He’s a human male that’s a lawful good paladin. Though his skills are not unique, his stats are surprisingly strong. He has a 17 for charisma, a 17 for strength, and a 16 for the constitution. You can easily send that pretty beefy paladin to the front as a tank. You’ll find Ajantis near the Fishing Village north of the Friendly Arm Inn.

What They Excel At:

  • High charisma level of 17
  • Weapon Skills: Bastard Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Longbow, Two-Handed Weapon Style

Ajantis Ilvastarr full details:


8. Montaron

Montaron is a neutral evil halfling multi-class fighter/thief with a mouth on him. He’s also the perfect grump compared to his quirky wizard pal Xzar. You’ll run into them both in Candlekeep Coastway during Chapter 1. His high constitution of 15 makes him able to withstand the toughest of attacks. He also has some formidable strength at 16 and dexterity at 17. He’s a great tank to have on an evil run as well as a quality thief.

What They Excel At:

  • -4 bonus on saves against Death, Spells, and Wands
  • High constitution
  • Thief skills
  • Weapon Abilities: Short Sword, Axe, Sling

Montaron full details:


9. Kagain

As a lawful evil dwarf fighter, Kagain is a companion driven by greed. You’ll find him during Chapter 1 at the shop next door to Feldepost’s Inn. And you’ll undoubtedly want to check him out, given his stats.

He has a strength of 16, a constitution of 20, and intelligence of 15. His HP levels are high, and he’ll also regenerate his HP at 1 per minute. He’s also more willing to stick around despite his evil nature, hanging on until your reputation level reaches 19. So even if you’re going for a good run, he’s worth having for a while, especially for the more dangerous fights.

What They Excel At:

  • Regenerate at 1/HP a minute
  • High HP, strength, and constitution
  • 5 bonus to Death, Wands and Spells saving throws
  • Weapon Skills: Axe, Flail/Morning Star, Crossbow

Kagain full details:


10. Eldoth Kron

A bit of a sly devil, Eldoth is a neutral evil human bard who knows how to party. You can find him during Chapter 4 in the Cloakwood countryside, scheming to blackmail his lover’s father. He has the highest charisma in the game at 16 and also has a strength of 16 and a constitution 15. He’s a schemer that can bring you great riches but also cast some handy spells as well. His ability to create poisoned arrows will come in handy for the tougher enemies, making him the most crafty of evil companions.

What They Excel At:

  • Exclusive Power: Create Poisoned Arrow
  • Spells: Larloch's Minor Drain, Magic Missile, Horror

Eldoth Kron full details:


11. Yeslick Orothiar

There’s a good balance to this lawful good dwarven multi-class fighter/cleric. He can be found on the second level of Cloakwood Mine in Chapter 4. His high constitution 17 makes him ideal for battle as much as his solid strength of 15. He’s especially handy for tackling mages with his ability to dispel magic. Think of him as the fighter you want to be your top guy for taking down magical enemies.

What They Excel At:

  • High strength and constitution
  • -4 bonus to his saves against Death, Spells, and Wands
  • Exclusive Power: Dispel Magic

Yeslick Orothiar full details:


12. Rasaad yn Bashir

Rasaad is the lawful good human sun soul monk you can find during Chapter 2 outside the Nashkel Inn. He doesn’t have much for abilities, but his strength and dexterity are set relatively high at 16, and his constitution, wisdom, and charisma are 14. He’s also pretty well armored with his Moonlight Walkers. There’s not much to him, but he’s a solid choice for a strong monk to lead the charge.

What They Excel At:

  • Well-balanced stats
  • Exclusive Item: Moonlight Walkers

Rasaad yn Bashir full details:


13. Jaheira

Despite being true neutral, there’s a lot of spirit and strength to this half-elf multi-class fighter/druid. You won’t have to look far for her as you’ll find her at the Friendly Arm Inn. She’s useful as both a skilled warrior and a spell-weaving druid that is quite formidable.

Jaheira used to come as a packaged deal with her husband Khalid. At the same time, he was a strong fighter but also weak-willed and could be spooked easily. Though Jaheira is neutral, she’s keener to follow you if you take the path of good.

What They Excel At:

  • Exclusive Powers: Harper's Call
  • Exclusive Equipment: Harper Pin
  • Weapon Skills: Quarterstaff, Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjato, Sling and Sword, Shield Style.
  • Spells: Insect Plague, Harm

Jaheira full details:


14. Khalid

Khalid is a strong neutral good half-elf fighter but also a fearful one. He’ll join you during Chapter 1 when meeting him at the Friendly Arm Inn, alongside his wife Jaheira. Despite his reluctance and easily being spooked, he can hold his own in combat. Khalid has 15 for strength, 16 for dexterity, 17 for the constitution, and 15 for intelligence. He’s a strong fighter just make sure you keep some protection spells on hand to prevent him from fleeing combat.

What They Excel At:

  • High strength, dexterity, constitution, and intelligence
  • Weapon Skills: Long Sword, Axe, Longbow

Khalid full details:


15. Xzar

As the unpredictable pal of Montaron, Xzar is a chaotic evil human necromancer with a dark sense of humor, especially with him being voiced by Frank Welker. Just like with Montaron, you can recruit him early during Chapter One in the Candlekeep Coastway. He can gain some pretty powerful spells but he’ll take some time to build up. His HP is rather low and so is his constitution. He’s decent as a support mage but not exactly someone you want taking the blows. Keep him positioned behind Montaron.

What They Excel At:

  • High intelligence, dexterity, and wisdom
  • Dual-class as thief or cleric

Xzar full details:


16. Garrick

If you find your party requires an extra boost in morale, why not take on a bard? And if you’re seeking the best bard, Garrick is one of the most balanced and versatile, being a chaotic neutral human. You can find him just outside The Burning Wizard in Beregost during Chapter 1 during the battle over Silke.

Garrick doesn’t exactly have many special skills aside from typical bard abilities to conjure songs that will ward off fear. That being said, he’s a reliable character who is willing to work with certain reputations. Be mindful of certain evil characters that he might not get along with. He’s best paired with Minsc and Jaheira, both of which enjoy his company.

What They Excel At:

  • A solid balance of wisdom, intelligence, strength, and dexterity.
  • Weapon Skills: Light Crossbow, Short Sword

Garrick full details:


17. Coran

Coran is an excellent choice if you want to play with a good alignment and need an expert marksman. He’s a chaotic good multi-class fighter/thief, so you probably already guessed he’s skilled with bows, having a dexterity level of 20. He’s so good that he can even use composite bows when strong enough. You can find him in Cloakwood during Chapter 4, requesting to go on a quest for a dragon’s head.

Coran is one of the strongest elves you can find in the game as an expert archer. In addition to having some strong thief skills, he also has a +3 to-hit with ranged weapons. He takes some time to build up to his full potential, but he’s such a powerful elf you’ll wonder how you were ever able to play the game without him.

What They Excel At:

  • Dexterity of 20, great for landing arrows
  • +3 to-hit with ranged weapons
  • Weapon Skills: Longbows, Long Swords

Coran full details:


18. Xan

Loaded with wisdom and snark, Xan is a lawful neutral elf enchanter who can be helpful. Despite his pessimism and limitation of spells, the ones he can cast are rather powerful. Xan can be found at the end of Chapter 2 in the Nashkel Mines.

Xan will not start all that powerful at first, but he does come packaged with the Moonblade, found adjacent to him in the Nashkel Mines throne room. You can use this weapon to have Xan attack lower-level enemies and make him resistant to fire. As you level up the sorcerer, he’ll learn more spells that can make him quite the powerful wizard. He’s a character built for the long haul, especially when decked out in magical attire that improves his powers.

What They Excel At:

  • -2 penalty saving throws on spells
  • Exclusive Equipment: Moonblade
  • Spells: Melf's Acid Arrow, Flame Arrow, Skull Trap, Charm Person, Color Spray

Xan full details:


19. Safana

Safana is a chaotic neutral human thief with some decent abilities to compensate for her low wisdom and constitution. You can find her during Chapter 1 in the Lighthouse area of the central wilderness. Her high charisma allows her to charm people with special abilities, making her a great manipulator. She can also dual-class to learn spells in addition to her thieving abilities. She’s not the strongest but certainly one of the more versatile.

What They Excel At:

  • High charisma
  • Can dual-class learn mage skills
  • Special Ability: Charm Person
  • Weapon Skills: Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō, Dart, Single-Weapon Style

Safana full details:


20. Branwen

As a Priest of Tempus, Branwen is one of the wiser companions you can find in the game. She’s a true neutral human cleric with several ways to support the party. Her most exceptional power is the Spiritual Hammer which can replenish your companions and be used multiple times. You can find her at the Nashkel Carnival during Chapter 2 and recruit her after she is freed from her stone state. She’s not the strongest but boasts decent cleric spells to make her a reliable healer.

What They Excel At:

  • Exclusive Powers: Spiritual Hammer
  • Special Abilities: Holy Power, Chaos of Battle
  • Weapon Skills: War Hammer, Sling

Branwen full details:


21. Faldorn

Faldorn is a bit of a black sheep of the Druids, considering she’s a Shadow Druid. As a true neutral human, she’s one of the most powerful Druids in the game as she’s one of the only ones who can master Level 5 spells. You can find her in the third part of the Cloakwood during Chapter 4.

One of her unique abilities is to summon a Dread Wolf. Her strength is decent at 12 but her charisma and dexterity are high at 16 for both. She’s one of the most powerful healers you can have in your party so she’s more than worth considering being a prime companion.

What They Excel At:

  • Level 5 Druid spells: Cure Critical Wounds, Insect Plague, True Seeing, Iron Skins
  • Exclusive Powers: Summon Dread Wolf

Faldorn full details:


22. Skie Silvershield

Skie is a companion who is more of an investment than a fighter. One would expect that with her being a true neutral human thief, more focused on hiding in the shadows than fighting in the light. You can find her at the Entar Silvershield's Estate during Chapter 5. Her strength is quite low at 11, but her dexterity of 18 makes her an expert thief. Her blackmail skills will keep you rich with easy access to money. 

What They Excel At:

  • Thieving
  • Blackmailing for money

Skie Silvershield full details:


23. Dynaheir

If you take on Minsc as a companion, you will end up with Dynaheir on your team, and she’s worth the packaged deal. As a female human and lawful good invoker mage, she’ll join up with you in Chapter 2 after she’s rescued from the Gnoll Stronghold, per Minsc’s quest. She has the highest HP bonus and can cast a variety of spells. She’s not all that strong but does have Minsc to back her up. Use for her support.

What They Excel At:

  • Spells: Fireball, Slow Poison, Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Stinking Cloud, Blur
  • Weapon Skills: Sling, Quarterstaff

Dynaheir full details:


24. Viconia DeVir

Even villains need a good healer, and one of the best is Viconia DeVir. This neutral evil drow cleric has switched evil masters but is willing to go along with your party. You can find her at the northwest corner of the Peldvale area, being pursued by some Flaming Fist soldiers. If you don’t mind that she’s a murderer, as the soldiers tell you, consider her part of your evil party.

Viconia has one of the highest stats for dexterity in the game, clocking in at 19. She’s also highly resistant to magic with a 50% resistance. This is good news if you encounter a lot of wizards but bad news if you have to heal her with a spell. She may not have as much strength as most clerics but she can be well-armed enough to fight on the frontlines. You’ll want to arm her with an Ankheg plate to make her the most effective tank.

What They Excel At:

  • High dexterity
  • Can be a tank if properly armored
  • Weapon Skills: Mace, Sling, War Hammer
  • Special Effects: 50% magic resistance

Viconia DeVir full details:


25. Tiax

The strength is low in this chaotic evil gnome multi-class cleric/thief. You’ll find him at the Flaming Fist Headquarters in southwest Baldur's Gate during Chapter 5. He has a strong constitution that can withstand most attacks and summon a ghost. He’s great for support but more for defense than offense.

What They Excel At:

  • +4 bonus on saves vs. Spells and Wands
  • Thief and cleric spells
  • Exclusive Power: Summon Ghast

Tiax full details:


26. Imoen

Imoen is undoubtedly one of the more reliable thieves you can have in your party as the first companion. As a neutral good human thief, she has a childhood attachment to your character and is likelier to follow you through thick and thin. You don’t have to go hunting for her either, as she’s one of the first people you’ll meet in Baldur’s Gate.

Imoen is a steadfast thief with all the essential thief abilities. She’s handy with a few weapons (short bows and short swords) and is dual class, meaning you can give her some mage abilities as well. Imoen is also a compelling character to keep simply because she doesn’t have much of a reputation, being shaped the same way you shape your own. While you’ll have to work for your party around certain characters, Imoen feels like raw clay you can mold to be any type of dual-class thief you wish.

What They Excel At:

  • Thieving skills
  • Can dual as a mage
  • Weapon Skills: Short Sword, Shortbows
  • Exclusive Equipment: Imoen's Belt
  • Special Powers: Cure Serious Wounds, Cause Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Draw Upon Holy Might

Imoen full details:


27. Edwin

As the most devilish of wizards, Edwin is a lawful evil human Conjurer that is ideal for making your party a magical menace across the land. Edwin can be found at the bridge in Nashkel near the Belching Dragon Tavern during Chapter 2.

Edwin has a high ego and does not get along with the more good or neutral party members. But if you’re planning on taking the path of darkness, he can be the handiest companion in your arsenal. His magic abilities are exceptionally powerful, casting strong defensive spells to stop time and protecting others from magical weapons.

What They Excel At:

  • +3 spells/level
  • Weapon Skills: Dagger, Quarterstaff
  • Exclusive Equipment: Edwin's Amulet
  • Spells: Improved Alacrity, Time Stop, Chain Contingency, Project Image, Improved Haste, Protection From Magical Weapons

Edwin full details:


28. Alora

Alora is solidly reliable as a chaotic good thief who is a halfling. She’s pretty weak when it comes to strength but exceptionally talented when it comes to her dexterity level of 19. However, you’ll have to wait for her as she can’t be recruited until Chapter 4 within Baldur’s Gate. You’ll find her at the Hall of Wonders after 8 pm and before 4 am. Her best feature is her increase in luck, made evident by her permanent item, Rabbit’s Foot.

What They Excel At:

  • -3 bonus on saves against Death, Spells and Wands
  • Exclusive Equipment: Rabbit's Foot
  • Weapon Skills: Missile Weapons, Small Sword, Bow

Alora full details:


29. Quayle

Arriving late to the game, Quayle is a chaotic neutral gnome multi-class cleric/illusionist who can only be recruited during Chapter 5. You’ll find him just outside Baldur's Gate. It’s also a good thing, considering that he’s more valuable as support than taking charge. His dexterity and intelligence are high, but his strength and charisma are pretty low. This makes him useful for some spells as well as his invisibility ability but make sure to keep him in the back lest he gets slaughtered quickly.

What They Excel At:

  • 3 to saves vs. Spells and Wands
  • High dexterity and intelligence
  • Special Ability: Invisibility
  • Weapon Skills: Club, Sling

Quayle full details:

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