Baldur's Gate Best Armor (And How To Get Them)

A villain from Baldur's Gate
Want to be as terrifying as this guy? Finding the best armor in Baldur's Gate can make that possible.

We all enter the world of Baldur’s Gate the same. We watch our mentor get murdered and then seek aid in our quest to rid evil from the land. The last thing anybody wants is for that quest to come to an early end because you weren’t properly armed.

While the best defense may be a good offense, it doesn’t hurt to have the best armor for your party. But you won’t find most of the game’s best armor available at shops. If you truly want the best that the game has to offer, you’ll have to do some exploring. Here’s our handy guide for finding the best armor in Baldur’s Gate.

1. Mithral Chain Mail

Mithral Chain Mail armor

For the most powerful chain mail you can wear in Baldur’s Gate, none are better than the Mithral Chain Mail. This +4 chain mail is just as strong as full plate armor but far more lightweight. It also allows your thieves to still perform all their thieving duties, making it ideal for thieving dual-class characters. Keep your thieves well protected while still being able to do all their amazing thief abilities.

How To Get It.

Here’s how hard this armor is to get. You’ll have to kill Drizzt, one of the most powerful characters in the game. It won’t be easy, but it’s absolutely worth the brutal battle to acquire this exceptional piece of armor.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 1 (-1 vs slashing, 3 vs crushing)
  • No restrictions on thieving and stealth.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Disables spellcasting and thieving abilities.

Mithral Chain Mail full details:


2. Karajah's Life and Death

Karajah's Life and Death armor

For the lightest of armor, seek out the one piece of armor that sounds like somebody’s memoirs; Karajah's Life and Death. It’s an enchanted leather armor +3 is lightweight and allows for thieves to still use all their thieving abilities. It may not be as protective as some other leather armors, but the light weight makes it perfect for parties who need all the pack space they can muster.

How To Get It.

You can find the armor on the fourth labyrinth level of Durlag's Tower in the rune carpet room, locked in a chest.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 5 (7 vs missile & piercing)
  • Disables spellcasting.
  • Does not disable thief skills.

Karajah's Life and Death full details:


3. The Practical Defense

The Practical Defense armor

Once worn by the dwarf Bolhur the Clanless, The Practical Defense is one of the best plate mails you can find in all of Baldur’s Gate, making the name a bit more humble. It’s a Plate Mail +3 with an armor class of 0, making it incredibly protective. It’s also one of the heaviest at 18 lbs.

How To Get It.

You’ll find this armor on the second labyrinth level of Durlag's Tower in the master bedroom, locked in a chest.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 0

The Practical Defense full details:


4. Protector of the Second

Protector of the Second armor

If you need some leather armor with a few extra features, Protector of the Second is a great choice. This +2 leather armor is incredibly lightweight at only 5 lbs. It doesn’t have the best armor class but the enchantment improves it over +1 leather, making it a solid alternative.

How To Get It.

In the Valley of the Tombs, you can find it on the assassin Maneira.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 6 (8 vs missile & piercing)
  • Enchanted: +2
  • Very lightweight.
  • Disables spellcasting.

Protector of the Second full details:


5. Telbar's Studded Leather

Telbar's Studded Leather armor

Telbar’s Studded Leather has a few more features than your average +2 studded leather. It weighs 8 lbs and has extra protections against certain attacks. It’s also a rather snazzy piece of studded leather with some solid lore, having once been worn by the legendary rogue Telbar.

How To Get It.

In the area south of Nashkell, you’ll encounter Sendai, an Amnish patriot who wants to fight you. Loot it off her after you kill her.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 5
  • Bonus against specific attacks.

Telbar's Studded Leather full details:


6. Elven Chain Mail

Elven Chain Mail armor

Elven Chain Mail differs from regular chain mail in a number of ways. For starters, there’s no restrictions on spellcasting and little restrictions on thieving. It’s also much lighter to carry which can be ideal for a party carrying a lot of items. The armor is perfect for the thieves, fighter/mages, and bards classes.

How To Get It.

During the quest for Dorn, you’ll encounter a fight with Simmeon in the Wyrm's Crossing. It will be dropped by an unnamed priest.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 5
  • No restrictions on spellcasting.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Penalties: Open Locks: -5%, Find Traps: -5%, Pick Pockets: -20%, Move Silently: -10%

Elven Chain Mail full details:


7. Mail of the Dead

Mail of the Dead armor

Don’t worry; this is NOT cursed armor. It’s a +2 chain mail that is 100% curse free. While it does disable spellcasting and thieving abilities, it is incredibly light at 10 lbs for chain mail.

How To Get It.

Near Gullykin, you’ll find four assassins trying to kill you. The assassin named Molkar is the one you’ll want to loot for this armor.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 3 (1 vs slashing, 5 vs crushing)
  • Very lightweight
  • Disables spellcasting and thieving abilities.

Mail of the Dead full details:


8. Ankheg Plate Mail

Ankheg Plate Mail armor

Ankhegs are a dangerous menace of an underground monster and you can wear their hard shells as armor. It’s a rare type of plate mail with an armor class of 1, though it goes to 0 if encountering missile and piercing attacks. It’s strong as plate mail yet as light as studded leather. It’s also one of the easier armors to acquire if you’re willing to go slay some Ankhegs.

How To Get It.

There are two ways to get this kind of armor. You can either find it at a patch in Nashkel or bring an Ankheg shell to the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost where Taerom Fuiruim will make the armor.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 1 (-2 vs slashing, 0 vs missile & piercing)
  • Lightweight compared to studded leather.
  • Disables spellcasting and thieving.

Ankheg Plate Mail full details:


9. The Magma Bulwark

The Magma Bulwark armor

The Magma Bulwark does look rather powerful with its glowing red exterior, but it’s more than just a fashion statement. It’s a full plate armor with an armor class of 1 and an enchantment of 2. It’s pretty heavy but not as heavy as most full plate armor.

How To Get It.

Towards the end of the game in Chapter Seven, you can find this armor at the Temple of Bhaal in the Undercity.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 1 (-1 vs. Slashing)
  • Enchanted: 2
  • Lighter than full plate mail.
  • Disables spellcasting and thieving.
  • Glows red.

The Magma Bulwark full details:


10. Fallorain's Plate

Fallorain's Plate armor

Fallorain’s Plate is a +1 plate mail that isn’t really enchanted but it is magical. It’s highly protective against slashing with a bonus and only weighs 20 lbs. It’s a strong choice for keeping the packing weight light while still being protected from most attacks. It’s also easier to find than other magical armors with multiple locations it can be found.

How To Get It.

In the Firewine Ruins, you can find the armor on two of the Ghost Knights. In the Cloakwood Mines, you can find it on Genthore. At Wyrm's Crossing, you can find it on Simmeon.

What Does The Armor Do?

  • Armor Class: 2 (-1 vs. slashing)
  • Disables spellcasting and thieving.
  • Lightweight.

Fallorain's Plate full details:

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