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Meet the cool people you'll want at the party.

Baldur’s Gate gives you a lot of choices when it comes to companions. When you’re just starting in the game, a few you might be stuck with for a while just because you need support. As the game progresses, you’ll become pickier about who stays and who leaves.

As your party grows, you may question who the best companion is. Do you favor magic over might or abilities or constitution? Which ones have a personality that won’t grate on your nerves or ruin your desired alignment?

We’ll answer those questions in this list of the five best companions you can have in Baldur’s Gate.

1. Minsc

Portrait of Minsc

Minsc is the neutral good ranger with a lot of heart. You can tell he has the best intentions by how much he cares for his hamster companion, Boo, to who he regularly talks. When you first meet him in Nashkel during Chapter 2, he’s currently on a quest to rescue his beloved Dynaheir from the Knoll Stronghold. Help him complete this quest; you’ll have a devoted mage willing to follow if Minsc does.

Minsc is one of the more vital rangers, considering he can go berserk. He can wield two-handed weapons well and wear some powerful armor. He’s also just a lot of fun with his eccentric dialogue delivered wonderfully by Jim Cummings. This makes Minsc an enduring character in your party as much as he is a powerful one that you can send charging into battle.

Minsc Is Great For:

  • Being paired with Dynaheir
  • Two-handed weapons wielder
  • Berserk skill
  • Ability to wear powerful armor like Defender of Easthaven, Armor of Faith, and Hardiness
  • Charming and adorable banter

Minsc full details:

2. Kagain

Portrait of Kagain

When you need a lawful evil dwarf fighter who can be the most robust tank in your party, look no further than Kagain. His stats are incredibly high for a dwarf, especially with his strength at 16, his constitution at 20, and his intelligence at 15. This makes him not only one of the most powerful dwarfs in the game but the most powerful evil fighter.

The best part about his exceptionally high constitution is that he can automatically heal, regaining 1 HP point per minute. This aspect makes Kagain a reliable fighter to take on long treks without wasting a lot of potions and healing spells. He can keep on charging ahead, taking blows as well as he can deliver them. If you want him in your party, you’ll find him at the shop next door to Feldepost’s Inn during Chapter 1.

Kagain Is Great For:

  • Fighting in long battles
  • HP regeneration
  • High HP, strength, and constitution
  • Skillful with the ax, flail/morning star, and crossbow

Kagain full details:

3. Jaheira

Portrait of Jaheira

Bold and crafty, Jaheira is a reliable fighter/druid as a frontline attacker and back-of-the-pack supporter. She’s a true neutral half-elf that you can find during Chapter 1 at the Friendly Arm Inn, as noted before you begin your adventure. She comes packaged with her husband Khalid, who is strong but also quite fearful. So if Khalid ever becomes overwhelmed during a fight, Jaheira is just strong enough to step in for him and heal him.

Jaheira is strong enough to take on most fights when you first recruit her, but she only grows more powerful over time. She can master many spells that range from defensive protection spells (Heal) to offensive attack spells (Harm). She can also master the powers of turning into a bear, which is excellent for dealing with more challenging enemies. For a balance of offense and support, Jaheira fills both roles perfectly, making her one of the ideal multi-class companions.

Jaheira Is Great For:

  • Offense and defense
  • Getting along with other noble characters
  • Turning into a bear
  • A variety of weapon skills
  • Offensive spells like Insect Plague, Harm

Jaheira full details:

4. Neera

Portrait of Neera

Neera is the wildest of wild mages, despite being one of the most apologetic. You’ll meet this chaotic neutral half-elf when you arrive at Beregost in Chapter 1. She’s considered dangerous for her spells that often result in the Wild Surge ability. Thankfully, Neera seems to want to control her powers and do the right thing.

Neera is worth keeping around for her various spells but also as a character you both admire and pity. There are points in the game where she may just be falling for you. This makes her a unique character and one of the best additions to the Enhanced Edition of the game.

Neera Is Great For:

  • Unpredictable luck with spellcasting
  • A bit of romance
  • Wild Surge ability
  • Numerous spells are great for attacking

Neera full details:

5. Faldorn

Portrait of Faldorn

As one of the most powerful druids in the game, Faldorn is an actual neutral human capable of some of the highest-level spells in all of Baldur’s Gate. This is because she’s a Shadow Druid who can learn Level 5 spells, a rarity among druids. You can recruit her within the wilderness of Cloakwood during Chapter 4.

Faldorn is the healer you won’t have to worry about protecting as much. This is due to her great spells and relatively high charisma and dexterity. She also has the impressive power to summon a dread wolf, making her a great offensive druid. Every party needs a good healer if they hope to take on more significant challenges and Faldorn is one of the best you can have in your party.

Faldorn Is Great For:

  • Being a frontline healer
  • Powerful Level 5 Druid spells (Cure Critical Wounds, Insect Plague, True Seeing, Iron Skins)
  • Summoning a Dread Wolf for combat

Faldorn full details:

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