Top 25 Games Like Baldur's Gate (Games Better Than BG In Their Own Way)

Games Like Baldur's Gate, baldurs gate alternatives
So much more fun than you can't remember!

What Are The Best Games Like Baldur's Gate?

Since the beginning of time, geeks everywhere have been trying to mesh the nerdiness of tabletop roleplaying with the nerdiness of computer gaming to create an unholy creature with a power such that no mortal should ever wield. Back rooms in comic-shops went silent in despair as the one known as Baldur’s Gate emerged from a virgin (obviously) womb. DM’s everywhere shed silent tears, knowing their day of reckoning was at hand.

Now, I love me some D&D. 5e is my wheelhouse. I’ve gotten into fistfights with full-grown men over refusing not to call Pathfinder “3.5”. I cut my teeth on the rogue-like games, back to Gauntlet on the NES. Baldur’s Gate wet my whistle on many occasions, mostly during my “GameCube” phase. The series, set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, plays off of the rules of AD&D’s 2nd Edition. Now, it’s all basic and stuff, compared to the wacky shit that 5e is “Unearthing”, but GOD it’s good to pop that in, blow off the old memory cartridge and grind.

So, you ask me, “Damn son, that sounds great. But, y’know, my GameCube is currently in a garbage dump, as it has been for about ten years…” Well no problem. Here’s twenty-five other games that continue the legacy of Baldur’s Gate without my stupid GameCube.

25. Tower of Time

Tower of Time gameplay

So new it barely ranks on my top 25.

You play as a narrator of sorts, stuck in the tower of time yet able to see through the eyes of a few select adventurers.

You control these class-segregated characters in a post-apocalyptic world of high-fantasy science fiction in an attempt to learn the secrets of this dastardly underground tower.  

Strategically place your crew of four according to their strengths. Send your tanks and fighters forward to take the damage and construct walls to hinder enemies.

Keep your ranged fighters within line of sight and out of harm’s way. The enemies you come across have their own methods as well, so be sure to pump up your characters with appropriately upgrading their gear. But, be wary of image-based cutscenes and tons of reading!

Still, worth a glance if it’s your turn to buy the pizza and you can muster up a decent excuse to skip D&D night...

Strategery, the basis of all cRPG combat systems

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