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Games Like Baldur's Gate, baldurs gate alternatives
So much more fun than you can't remember!

16. Eitr

EITR gameplay trailer

You battle as the Shield Maiden, travelling through the nine worlds of Norse Mythology trying to right the wrongs of Loki. (Real Norse, like “Vikings” Norse. Not pretend Chris “Dick Abs” Helmsworth Norse.) Something has tainted the kingdoms of Yggdrasil, and it is up to you to clear the air and unravel the mystery.  

Stylized, colorful and retro classic arcade. Your sword swipes and attacks are deliciously Capcom-esque. A foggy glowing ambiance adds to the ethereal qualities to the game, spooking you like Castlevania did on the Super Nintendo. Almost every enemy towers over you, yet you’re an even matching. Your powers grow with receiving “Favors” like powerful perks and leveling up.

How about some research, Stan Lee?! I’m sure the entire Norse community would breathe easier.

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