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Two Kratoses
While I’ve known what they were for a while, it took me until... Read More
10. Lady Sif As a warrior goddess, Lady Sif certainly knows... Read More
10. Survival Set Shoulder Guard of Survival: LVL 1: 0... Read More
4. Stinging Barrage “Fires a powerful shot of several arrows... Read More
The 8th generation of consoles has officially come to an end. With... Read More
5. Brok’s Royal Dwarven Set Stats:  Breastplate LVL... Read More
15. Leave no stone unturned Exploring the vast realms of the... Read More
5. Reckless Empowerment  Starting off the list hot and... Read More
5. Leviathan’s Roar A powerful Axe throw that returns with... Read More
5. Pommels of Brutal Might Stats: Lvl 4: 11 Strength/13... Read More
25. Haze of the Revenant   This beautiful capture is of the... Read More
5. Jack of All Trades This build provides well-rounded stats... Read More
10. The Stranger In this scene we are... Read More
The God of War series has always been known for its brutal combat.... Read More
  Initial Encounter The Aesir God of Light, Baldur... Read More
    15. Kratos Vs. Poseidon, God of the Sea (G.O.W III... Read More
[Explained] Why Did Kratos Kill Zeus
  Zeus the God of the Sky Zeus, a.k.a. "the Nick... Read More
Kratos and Atreus Versus Garm
God of War Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and... Read More
God of War 2018 Final Battle Scene
God of War (2018) was the wildly successful Norse revival of the long... Read More
Kratos Versus Thor
The God of War series is undoubtedly one of the most notable game... Read More
Mirmir, Kratos, Poseidon God of War Evolution
The story behind the God of War games is perhaps one of the longest-... Read More
Best God of War Game
God of War is a series that has been enticing gamers with its... Read More
Kratos punching
In God of War, you may choose from four difficulty modes: Give Me a... Read More
God of war 2018 cover
Kratos, his revenge against the gods of Olympus long forgotten, now... Read More
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