[Top 10] Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Characters

Top 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters

[Top 10] Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Characters

Rockstar is known for delivering great stories; such stories rely on the characters that drive the plot.

RDR2's characters are no different; they're actually one of the finest in gaming history; every character is decent or amazingly written and voiced.

The best part is they don't have to be part of the storyline to be great or entertaining. Some of these characters are scattered around the vast world of RDR2.


10. Susan Grimshaw

Miss Grimshaw's role might go unnoticed for some players. Still, for those who care for the gang and pay attention to the parts people have, it's easy to notice that she is the glue that holds everything together. 

Depicted as a forthright, "strict maternal figure" towards the Van der Linde gang. Who is also fearless and ready to do whatever to keep the gang alive and running.

Best quote : 

  • ''Well, I don't know what they've been doing here, but I can tell you what they're going to be doing here... dying.'' 

Trivia : 

  • Sometimes, when Arthur is in camp, Susan may approach and comment on his recent actions. Including killing innocent civilians, avoiding donating to the box, and spending too much time at camp, among other examples.
  • If the player does not have a bath for a long enough time, Susan will forcibly wash Arthur in a water barrel in camp.


09. Albert Mason 

A very clumsy wildlife photographer and sort of timid. Although there are five interactions with Albert throughout his expeditions, taking photos of various wildlife, Albert shows some skills.

Finding him in your playtime is always a pleasure because ever since the first time you meet him, you know every time again will be a treat.

Best quote : 

  • "A collector of pelts? I hope only in self-defense."

Trivia : 

  • Mason's pictures are part of a gallery in the mission "The Artist’s Way".
  • He hates Trophy hunters. That's why he has that quote which you can trigger by skinning an animal near him.


08. Margaret

Margret is the character that triggers The strange side-mission properly named "He's British, of course". He's one of the wacky characters of RDR2 that are a treat to run into during the playtime.

Margaret is an animal wrangler who cross-dresses as a woman during his acts.

Upon meeting him, you'll realize that he had lost his circus animals, and you start helping him get them back, but it's not that simple. This side mission has many twists.


07. Sadie Adler

Sadie is one of those characters that you just enjoy when they're on a mission with you. As Arthur, you'll get a lot of that, making you really appreciate the friendship you have with her.

She is fearless, angry, and driven with a vengeance. Throughout the playtime in her company, you'll understand why and feel a serious need to help her out.

Best quote: 

  • ''You're the only one of these fools that I trust.'' ( I almost cried when she said that to me.''

Trivia : 

  • If the player antagonizes her enough in camp, Sadie will slap Arthur across the face. ( if you’re into that, we don’t judge anyone here)
  • Sadie is the only fellow gang member to have ridden Arthur's horse in gameplay; she does so in the mission "Red Dead Redemption".


06. Hosea Matthews

Hosea is the grandpa figure of the gang, but that doesn't mean he is weak; he's actually a master con artist who's Intelligent and quick-witted. He can talk his way into or out of anything.

He is Dutch’s right hand and friend for about 20 years.

Best quote : 

  • '' I wish I had acquired wisdom at less of a price.'' 

Trivia : 

  • Hosea bears a vague resemblance to Clint Eastwood. Whether this is intentional or, a coincidence is unknown.
  • When playing dominoes with Arthur, Hosea will give hints on shops' illegal side businesses and ask Arthur to check them out.


05. Charles Smith

At the start of the game, you find out that Charles has been with the gang for about 6 months, but he quickly becomes one of the top characters in the gang and the game. His contributions and the things he did for the gang, especially with Arthur, just show how loyal and wise he is.

Charles’s character is well written and acted out. Very memorable and truly amazing.

Best quote : 

  • ''The amount of hell we've raised, we're owed some back.'' 

Trivia : 

  • Charles is Roger Clark's favorite character.
  • Charles is the only character that allows Arthur to ride his horse.


04. Black Belle

An absolute badass, Belle became an infamous member of the Colter Tobin Gang, and she's the last one left; Although you meet her briefly for a single mission, the impression she goes with the player lasts forever. 

Best quote : 

  •  I have been running for twenty years... I suppose I'll be running till I drop. Just the way it is.

Trivia : 

  • Belle was likely based on famed outlaw Belle Starr, nicknamed "The Bandit Queen.
  • Black Belle is the only gunslinger to wear the same outfit in the game as in her cigarette card.


03. John Marston

This is not the John Martson; I mean it's him but not him in terms of character; this is pre-RDR1 John, although he's wild and too aggressive, he's very loyal and sort of a son like a figure for Arthur, seeing his journey from the perspective of Arthur then from his own view is truly something to witness.

Best quote :

  • ‘’People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven.’’
  • ‘’I am always honest... maybe not always good... but I'm always honest.’’

Trivia : 

  • When playable, John can swim for a few seconds despite not knowing how. However, John is a poor swimmer compared to Arthur, with his stamina immediately dropping to 0%.
  • The hat John Marston wears in 1899 (before the introduction of his classic hat seen in Redemption) is similar to the hat of Butch Cassidy from the 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a movie that all three games took inspiration from.
  • In addition to having poorer quality points of interest, Marston's handwriting also appears messy compared to Arthur's, with more errors and words crossed out.


02. Dutch Van der Linde

Big boss, the Leader of the gang, which Arthur is part of, has mixed opinions on this character because of his role in the story. Regardless of his role, it's undeniable that Dutch's character is well written. Benjamin Byron Davis, who was the voice of Dutch, pulled an incredible performance. 

Best quote : 

  • "The promise of this great nation. Men created equality, liberty and justice for all. That might be nonsense too. But it's worth trying for. It's worth believing in. Can't you see that, friend?"

Trivia : 

  • Dutch's mother, Greta van der Linde, is buried in Blackwater, and her grave can be found in the game besides the Blackwater chapel.
  • Arthur says that Dutch has a very strong bond with his horse, The Count. He also says that The Count won't let anyone other than Dutch ride him and that he was bucked "faster than a bull" when he once tried to mount it.


01. Arthur Morgan

Arthur is no doubt in the TOP 10 best gaming protagonists of all times; his story and the way it unfolded, the journey from the tough cowboy man to a compassionate human being, his fears and dreams it's all something that needs to be experienced first hand. 

Best quote : 

  • ''Nothin' means more to me than this gang, the bond that we share. It's the most real thing to me. I would kill for it; I would happily die for it.''
  • ''We're thieves, in a world that don't want us no more.''

Trivia : 

  • According to Agent Milton, Arthur has amassed a $5,000 bounty with the US Government, equivalent to roughly $150,000 in today's currency.
  • Despite seeming to be the protagonist of the story, Arthur wears a black hat, which is normally associated with the villain in old western stories,

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