[Top 5] RDR2 Best Outfits And How To Get Them

RDR2 Best Outfits
Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, & Arthur Chillin' In Camp

Which outfits best capture both Arthur's personality and my playstyle?

Arthur in his Grizzlies Outlaw outfit

Red Dead Redemption 2 has given us so many possibilities in terms of making a fashion statement with countless unique clothing items in a wide variety of color schemes & styles. Whether you wish to dress Arthur or John as a typical savage outlaw, rugged/classy bank robber, experienced master hunter, or even a classic plain old cowboy, you can go for any look you want and even combine a few. Some of these, however, would need to be crafted and if you're not exactly a one-with-nature type, this would prove to be pretty difficult. But, luckily this isn't just a showcase, this here will guide you to the top 5 RDR2 outfits and how to get them.

5) The Dreamcatcher

Arthur in the Dreamcatcher outfit

The Dreamcatcher is a garment set that certainly lives up to its name due to its majestic appearance. Though it's mostly made up of legendary animal pelts and one of which might not be available to Arthur (without the use of an exploit), it's well worth the grind considering how damn fresh that hat and those fowlers (boots) are. Also, I'd suggest pairing this outfit with the legendary pronghorn coat, just for aesthetic & cold protection purposes. With this particular outfit, you won't have much protection from the cold on its own despite coming with a pair of chaps, warm gloves, and a warm vest, but who cares when you can slowly freeze to death in style?

Some items to keep in mind about the Dreamcatcher include:

  • Unique & stylish pair of boots
  • A unique variation of the Muskrat Cavalry hat
  • Darker, polished variation of the Sheepskin vest

Outfit Details:

  • Legendary Beaver Flop Hat - Legendary Beaver pelt, Legendary Boar pelt, 1x Cardinal feather
  • Legendary Bison vest - Legendary Tatanka Bison pelt
  • Legendary Bison Batwing Chaps - Legendary Tatanka Bison pelt
  • Legendary Boar & Bison Fowlers - Legendary Boar pelt, Legendary Tatanka Bison pelt
  • Legendary Beaver Cavalry Gloves - Legendary Beaver pelt

Here's an easy guide to follow so you can craft this outfit yourself:

How To Get The Dreamcatcher Outfit 


4) The Bronco Buster

Arthur in the Bronco Buster outfit

The Bronco Buster attracts a very particular interest in people, which mostly consists of those who have a knack for hunting (like myself) and want to exhibit that through a bold fashion statement. With some of the utmost protection from the cold, you could set camp up North and hunt down any moose, bear, elk, or deer without having to worry about the 30 degrees and below weather while also blending in with the forested mountains, as a true huntsman should. Or, perhaps you'd like to show off to the common folk of the simple northern towns that you mean business out on the range.

Here's why you should consider this outfit:

  • Elk Flop hat gives the rest of the outfit a darker, more serious element

  • Coyote Scout jacket gives a more modern-huntsman vibe, especially when coupled with the Elk Flop hat

  • Offers great protection from the cold

Outfit Details:

  • Elk Flop Hat - 1x Perfect Elk pelt
  • Coyote Scout Jacket - 1x Perfect Oxhide, 1x Perfect Coyote pelt
  • Huntsman Vest - 1x Perfect Sheep hide, 1x Perfect Deer pelt 
  • Boar Fringed Shotgun Chaps - 2x Perfect Boar pelt 
  • Pigskin Rifleman Gloves - 1x Perfect Pig hide

Follow this simple guide to acquire the Bronco Buster quickly:

How To Get The Bronco Buster


3) The Marauder

Arthur in the Marauder outfit

The Marauder is a more simplistic, silent killer-type garment set that complements its darker theme with some snakeskin to show that you're not messing around. It doesn't offer much in the way of protection from the cold, but considering you'll probably be spending a bunch of time in the swamps as the outfit suggests, you'll be just fine while you hunt down some Night Folk.

Some key features of this outfit include:

  • Unique black cavalry hat
  • Sophisticated deerskin vest
  • Modern biker-style bull hide chaps
  • Intricate snakeskin pattern gloves

Outfit Details:

  • Muskrat Cavalry Hat - 4x Perfect Rabbit pelt, 1x Perfect Muskrat pelt
  • Principal Vest - 1x Perfect Cowhide, 1x Perfect Deer pelt
  • Bull Fringed Shotgun Chaps - 1x Perfect Bull hide
  • Snake Skin Cavalry Gloves - 1x Perfect Boar pelt, 1x Perfect Snake Skin

Simple How-To guide:

How To Get The Marauder Outfit


2) The Night Wrangler

Arthur wearing the Night Wrangler outfit

The Night Wrangler is arguably the sexier counterpart of the not-so-related Wrangler outfit, for numerous reasons, of course. Not only does it provide you with a fashionable means of staying warm in extreme weather, but it also comes with several very unique clothing items that aren't replicated in the game.

Here are some of those unique features:

  • Unique patent leather gambler hat
  • Unique leather and fur vest
  • Unique fur rifleman gloves (fingerless gloves)

Outfit Details:

  • Coyote Gambler’s Hat - 2x Perfect Coyote pelt
  • Cougar Cutaway Coat - 2x Perfect Cougar pelt, 1x Perfect Black Bear pelt
  • Wilderness Vest - 1x Perfect Panther pelt, 1x Perfect Wolf pelt
  • Moose Half Chaps - 1x Perfect Moose pelt
  • Badger Rifleman Gloves - 1x Perfect Badger pelt

Here's a simple guide on how to craft the Night Wrangler outfit:


1) Legend of The East

Arthur wearing the exclusive Legend of The East outfit

Finally, last but certainly not least, the Legend of The East outfit. This outfit is especially unique for various reasons, not only because of its appearance, but also how it's acquired. You can't buy it or craft it, you gotta earn it. By completing all 90 challenges in the game, you'll be given this classy, badass collection of equipment that will truly make you a Legend of The East. 

Some of the key features this outfit includes are:

  • Only outfit in the game to provide protection from every type of weather condition
  • Weapon condition +10%
  • Money Looted +10%
  • Melee damage taken -10%
  • Damage on horseback taken -10%
  • Eagle Eye duration +5 seconds
  • All cores drain 10% slower and gain +10% bonus experience

Outfit Details:

  • White Big Valley Hat
  • Light Red Shotgun Coat
  • Dark Grey Scarf (Cannot be equipped at will, disappears if any clothing item is changed except the hat)
  • Black & Brown Cavalry Gloves
  • White Striped Pants
  • Black Half Chaps
  • Black Deluxe Relentless Boots
  • Brown & Yellow Vaquero Deluxe Spurs
  • Unique Gun Belt & Two Holsters

Although Red Dead doesn't give us the distinguished pleasure of having some fun with the “lesser” women in society, Arthur will probably get a few more... Ahem... Ladies’ attention. Let's also just say for the record that John's faithfulness as a husband would probably be put in jeopardy with all the cougars and homewreckers that just so happen to love the passionate color red, especially on an outlaw.

This channel will guide you on how to unlock the outfit, starting with this video:

How To Get The Legend Of The East Outfit

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