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Arthur Morgan Rides Into The Wind

When it comes to cowboy aesthetics, everyone wants to look stylish and intimidating. Since black goes with everything and adds an intimidation factor, naturally players would want a black steed to ride around the land. That also means that players need to invest in the right horses for their playstyle and their fashion style. Here are the top three black horses and how to get them.

3. Black Shire

Arthur sits on top of a shire menacingly.

Any player looking for intimidation needs a powerful horse, and few horses are as powerful as the Shire. With relatively higher-than-average stats in both health and stamina, the Raven Black Shire has the health and endurance to compensate for its lack of speed and acceleration. This is the horse you want to bring into combat, for this steed is more than capable of surviving the player’s daily battles.
Here’s why the Raven Black Shire is great:

  • Acquiring the horse is free as it’s given to the player in the mission “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego”
  • The Shire has a health boost over the average horse, meaning it has higher durability than standard breeds the player comes across

Here are details on the Black Shire-Information available on GTABase

  • The Shire is the largest breed
  • The Raven Black is only available in the story mode

Here is how you acquire the Shire:

  • The player must approach Hosea in Horseshoe Overlook and begin the mission
  • At the beginning of the mission, Arthur has to equip his saddle from his current horse to the Shire
  • Arthur and Hosea ride into Valentine where Arthur takes the horse into the stables
  • The player has the option to keep or sell the horse; keeping the horse will allow the player to use it after the mission

2. Black Norfolk Roadster 

The Norfolk Roadster is placed on display for players online.

Playing against other players, especially ones who target horses, requires speed for either fast action or a faster getaway. With a base score of 4/10 (based on the in-game horse-stat system) in stamina and acceleration and a score of 5 in speed, the Black Norfolk Roadster is the horse for the task. Its high stats make it a tough opponent to outrace or to hit. Players must be careful, however, as the Roadster has less health and requires more caution in traversal and combat.
Here’s why the Black Norfolk Roadster is great:

  • The high stats make the Roadster better at races and chases than other horses, especially as it lasts longer before needing to refill its stamina bar

Here are some details on the Black Norfolk Roadster-Information available on GTABase

  • The Roadster is only available in Red Dead Online
  • This specific coat color is unlocked through the Moonshiner Role

Here is how you acquire the Norfolk Roadster:

  • The player must acquire the Moonshiner Role (purchasable with 15 gold)
  • The player then has to gain Moonshiner Role Rank 1 and one Role Token
  • The player will finally go to the stables or catalog and buy the Roadster for $150 or six gold bars

1. Black Arabian

Morgan poses with his beloved Black Arabian.

Some players don’t want a horse that specializes in one feature. Instead, they want a horse like the Black Arabian, which provides high stats in all areas. With a base stat of 6 in each category, the Arabian outmatches every other all-purpose horse. When a player needs a steed prepared for any and every task, they pick this horse.
Here is why the Black Arabian is great:

  • High health means that fall damage and stray bullets are less fatal for the Arabian
  • The Black Arabian’s high speed, stamina, and acceleration combine to make the horse capable of winning every race

Here is a detail on the Black Arabian-Available on the Red Dead Wiki

  • The Black Arabian can be stolen in the story mode during a chance encounter in Saint Denis

Here is how to acquire the Arabian:

  • In RDO, the horse can be purchased for $1,050 after reaching rank 70
  • Alternatively, the horse can be purchased for 42 gold
  • In the story mode, the horse unlocks at the start of Chapter 4 and can be purchased at Saint Denis for the same price as seen in RDO

Style makes up half the qualifications for fame, meaning any outlaw needs a unique look to make it to the big leagues. Just as there is much fun to decking out a player, there is equal satisfaction in decking out a horse. Since different styles of horse equipment have their own benefits, there’s no reason not to invest. Just have fun with the look, it’ll all come into place in the end.

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