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Arthur Morgan Practices His Aim Before Fighting Lemoyne Raiders

Out of all the guns and other weapons available to use in Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems that rifles receive little praise due to their lack of efficiency in mid and short-ranged combat. However, the rifles should be feared for their firing power and capability to stop any man or beast in their tracks. The best rifleman is to be feared from any distance, but the best rifleman also needs the best rifle. Here are the best three rifles in the game and how to get them, so that any player with good aim can become a threat to all living creatures. 

3. Rolling Block Rifle

Arthur Morgn and John Marston make a deadly duo.

For any player looking for a sniper theme, the Litchfield Rolling Block Rifle is the perfect rifle for you. Scoring 3.5/4 (the in-game scoring system for gun factors) in accuracy and 3.3 for both damage and range, the Rolling Block is ideal for long-distance firefights or for hunting predators without the fear of getting mauled. The rifle only has one bullet ammo capacity with a slow reload and fire rate (rates are 1.5 and 1.2 respectively), meaning that it’s best utilized by those with Chris Kyle-like precision.
Here’s why the Rolling Block is great:

  • The Rolling Block has the highest damage output in the campaign (second highest in Red Dead Online, following the Elephant Rifle)
  • When maxed out, the Rolling Block reaches perfect stats in damage, range, and accuracy

Here are some additional details about the rifle:

  • The Story Mode has a rare variant of the Rolling Block that can only be obtained through the mission “Magicians for Sport”
  • This gun is based on the real-life Remington Rolling Block rifle

The player acquires the Rolling Block in Chapter 2 of the story mode through the mission “The Sheep and The Goats” when John asks you to go to the Gunsmith and purchase the gun for him. Alternatively, the rifle can either be bought for $187 or by using a companion glitch and obtaining either Hosea’s or Lenny’s gun. After reaching level 13 in Red Dead Online, the player can purchase the gun for $411 or 17 gold bars.
Here’s how you can obtain the Rolling Block through the companion glitch.

2. Carcano Rifle

A fellow outlaw models with their carcano in Red Dead Online.

The Sireno Carcano is the go-to rifle for any sharpshooter that plans to make a name for themselves. In the right hands, this rifle gives a player the ability to single-handedly decimate a fight and even come out the victor when outnumbered online. What it lacks in damage and accuracy compared to the Rolling Block (scoring 3.0 in damage and 3.3 in accuracy), it excels with a 1.5 score in fire rate and a 2.8 reload score.
Here’s why the Carcano is great:

  • The Carcano has six bullets in its magazine, giving it the highest ammo capacity out of all rifles
  • The maxed-out Carcano has the same perfect damage, range, and accuracy as the maxed-out Rolling Block, but still surpasses the rifle in fire rate and reload speed

Here are some additional details about the rifle:

  • The Carcano is based on the Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle, however, the model shown in the game would not exist for another 39 years

  • The Carcano is infamous for being the gun that helped assassinate John F. Kennedy

The Carcano is obtained late in the story through the missions “Goodbye, Dear Friend” or “The Delights of Van Horn” in Chapter 6. Alternatively, the rifle can be obtained two chapters earlier by partaking in Uncle’s companion mission “Go Rustling”. Online the gun is available after reaching rank 50 for a price of $456 or 19 gold bars.
Here is how you can obtain the Carcano through Uncle’s companion mission.

1. Springfield Rifle

Arthur demonstrates why you shouldn't annoy him.

Though the Lancaster Springfield rifle has lower overall stats than the Carcano and Rolling Block, this rifle surpasses them in mid-to-close ranged combat, which occurs more often in the game. This rifle may have lower stats than both guns in range and accuracy, but it has better damage than the Carcano (scoring 3.2 compared to the Carcano’s 3.0) and better reload speed compared to the Rolling Block (1.8 reload speed versus the 1.5 speed of the Rolling Block). The biggest advantage is that the other rifles are scoped while the Springfield isn’t, meaning that this rifle has faster ads (aim down sight) speed and is more versatile in fast-paced combat; this rifle also comes with aim assist for those who need it. 
Here’s why the Springfield is great:

  • Unlike the Carcano and Rolling Block, players can aim-assist using the Springfield and guarantee headshots with nearly every pull of the trigger
  • For players that prefer using scopes, a scope can be attached to the rifle (however the Springfield loses auto-aim when a scope is equipped), and can even rival the Rolling Block in efficiency

Here are some additional details about the rifle:

  • The Springfield is based on the Springfield Model 1888 “Trapdoor” rifle
  • The in-game rifle accurately represents the real-life one in its operation and purpose for construction; the main difference is that the in-game Springfield is shorter than the real rifle

The Springfield is available to purchase for $120 after completing the mission “Eastward Bound” at the end of Chapter 1. However, for players with some patience, the rifle can be acquired for free while playing the mission “Sodom? Back To Gomorrah” in Chapter 3. In Red Dead Online, the rifle is available to purchase for $156 or seven gold bars after leveling up to rank 38.
Rifles are notorious powerhouses when it comes to damage. With training, the best riflemen can use a rifle on any battlefield and even fight in close quarters, rivaling even shotguns in efficiency. Whether a player comes across the largest bear or the most dangerous gang, a rifle should always be their go-to weapon.

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