[Top 3] RDR2 Best Arabian Horses and How To Get Them

RDR2 Best Arabian Horses
Arthur Likes To Show Off

Out of all the horses in Red Dead Redemption 2, the Arabian Horses are the best breed overall. Given a “Superior” class in the game, these horses are given the best base stats and can nearly max out stats when fully bonded. Naturally, any player looking to commit to the game wants the best mode of transportation, so here are the three best Arabians available in the game.

3. White Arabian 

Surprisingly enough, the White Arabian enjoys the snow while Arthur hates it.

The White Arabian is the best horse for any player that’s new to the game or replaying the story mode. With elite handling and a base stat of 6/10 (the in-game ranking system for horse stats) in both speed and acceleration, this horse surpasses all the others you come across in the early game. The horse unlocks relatively early in the story, as you can get the Arabian in Chapter 2 of the story mode or at rank 66 online.
Here’s why the White Arabian is great:

  • Acquiring the horse in the story is free, you just have to tame the wild one in the game
  • The high handling stats, ranking 8/10, make traversal easy as the player can easily adjust to obstacles and rough terrain
  • With the best equipment, the horse gains a speed stat of 9 and an acceleration stat of 8, making the horse able to outrun any other horse untamed or owned by an NPC

Here are some details on the White Arabian-Available on the Red Dead Wiki

  • The White Arabian is one of the rarest breeds in the game, and can only be acquired in the story by taming the only wild one
  • One variant of this horse is Dutch’s horse “The Count” which has the same stats as the horse you find in the game

Here’s how you can get the Arabian:

  • In Red Dead Online, the horse can be purchased at the stables for $1,200
  • Alternatively, the player can spend 48 gold bars at the stables
  • In the story mode, the player must travel to the west coast of Lake Isabella in the Grizzlies West. From there the player must study the horse, slowly approach while calming the horse, then finally break the horse by staying on the horse while it attempts to buck them off

2. Black Arabian 

Nothing beats the view like enjoying the landscape with your horse.

For players that have gained some experience in the game and are ready for an upgrade, the Black Arabian is the ideal horse for improving your transportation. The Black Arabian provides a slight boost in performance, allowing the player to become faster in the traversal. As the stakes raise in the story, this is the horse to carry you throughout the rest of Morgan’s story.
Here’s why the Black Arabian is great:

  • Though they have the same speed and acceleration, the Black Arabian has higher base stamina and health compared to the White Arabian (Starting with 6 point stats on stamina and health compared to the White Arabian’s 5 points)
  • This horse is cheaper in Red Dead Online, making this Arabian a better investment in multiplayer.

Here are some details on the Black Arabian-Available on the Red Dead Wiki

  • The Black Arabian can be stolen in the story mode during a chance encounter in Saint Denis

Here’s how you can get the Arabian:

  • In RDO, the horse can be purchased for $1,050 after reaching rank 70
  • Alternatively, the horse can be purchased for 42 gold
  • In the story mode, the horse unlocks at the start of Chapter 4 and can be purchased at Saint Denis for the same price as seen in RDO

1. Rose Grey Bay 

The horse does not need to pose, for it knows how superior it is anyway.

Once you finish Arthur Morgan’s story, it’s time to equip all the best accessories, which means also the most powerful horse in the game. With the highest overall score in the entire story mode, no other horse compares to this one. Then you max its stats, the Rose Grey Bay is an unstoppable force that can’t be beaten.
Here’s why the Rose Grey Bay Arabian is great:

  • It comes with 7 point stats on both stamina and health, higher than any other horse

Here’s a detail on the Rose Grey Bay Arabian-Available on GTA Base

  • The horse is not available in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can get the Arabian:

  • In the story mode, the player can buy the Rose Arabian at the Blackwater stable for $1,250. The horse is unlocked upon starting Epilogue Part 1

Picking a horse in Red Dead is like picking a companion in any other game. Whether the player owns enough horses for the entire Van Der Linde gang or only makes a purchase for one, each horse will make a considerable investment in the character’s playthrough. As such, getting the best horses makes it worth all the time and money.

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