[Top 3] Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses

Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses
Here are the best horses to find and buy in Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games has once again developed a juggernaut of excellence with their open world western Red Dead Redemption 2. With games of this size, traveling and exploration are a huge part of the gameplay. Within RDR2, your horse facilitates that and so much more. Your horse is your friend, your storage facility, your Uber driver, and your gun fight advantage. Depending on what you are about to encounter, the ‘best horse’ for you could be any one of these three horses.

RDR2 has about 19 different breeds of horses that are graded by their Stamina, Health, Speed, Handling, and Acceleration. Each of the breeds are classified by a particular ‘type’ with some breeds that are a mix of two types.


  • Race
  • War
  • Work
  • Riding
  • Draft
  • Superior

Along with that, each have their health and stamina tied to how great of a bond you have with that specific horse. Within each breed, there are different ‘coats’ or colors that will also define the horse’s characteristics within that breed. You name them, feed them, calm them, and clean them in an effort to maximize all that they can do for you. To maximize their stats, you’ll also buy saddles, spurs, and other accessories to help them be all that they can be! So, with all that you’ll be doing with and for them, it’s always good to know what and where the best breeds are.

3. Turkoman

The Turkoman breed is similar to the Arabian horse breed in that it sports the highest health rating a breed can have. While this hybrid Race and War breed’s stamina isn’t as high as the Arabian, it still sports a really high speed rating and pretty good acceleration.

  • HEALTH – 7
  • STAMINA – 5
  • SPEED – 6

Once you have almost $1000, you can find this breed at either the Tumbleweed, Blackwater, or Saint Denis Stables.

2. Missouri Fox Trotter

The next on the best of list of horses is the Missouri Fox Trotter. As a mixed Race and War breed, this horse has great overall stats and sports the highest speed rating that a breed can have. Since it is mixed with a war horse, it also has a very high stamina rating and good health as well.

  • HEALTH – 5
  • STAMINA – 6
  • SPEED – 7

You can find this mixed breed at either the Blackwater or the Scarlett Meadows Stable.

1. Arabian

This horse breed basically has the best, or Elite handling and overall has the best stats in each of the different categories. The Rose Grey Bay coat has the highest health and stamina of the breed along with one of the highest speeds and accelerations of all of the horses. While probably the most expensive to buy, there are other coats of the Arabian that can be found in the wild that are a bit lower in health and stamina.

  • HEALTH – 7
  • STAMINA – 7
  • SPEED – 6

If you have the money (at least $1000), then you can probably journey Blackwater or the Saint Denis Stables. If you’d rather try your patience and attempt to tame a wild one, take a trek over to Lake Isabella.

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