[Top 3] RDR2 Best Repeaters And How To Get Them

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Our Good Friend Arthur Mean Muggin' Some Fools

What are the top three best repeaters in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Arthur Morgan wielding the Evans Repeater

RDR2 welcomes a pretty impressive arsenal of historic weapons that truly kick ass. In this game, other than your horse, your guns are ultimately your best friend. Whether you're sticking up a train, hunting, or pinned down by lawmen or bounty hunters, you're gonna need some firepower to make life a little easier. Here are the Top 3 RDR2 Repeaters And How To Get Them.


3) Lancaster Repeater

Stock Lancaster Repeater, lever-action system

The Lancaster is a pretty well-rounded rifle capable of hunting medium and large animals, as well as blowing enemies’ heads off. Though it's probably not the most ideal weapon against the other two repeaters I'll be mentioning (mostly due to its low damage rate), it still has a decent rate of fire and holds a pretty high level of accuracy without any upgrades. It's also relatively cheap for what it's worth compared to the other repeaters on this list, so acquiring it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg (and hopefully not literally since NPCs are ruthless).

Some features that make this gun well worth it include:

  • Quick firing rate and good accuracy
  • Ammo capacity of fourteen rounds
  • Uses a fast lever-action system to load the next cartridge after firing

Base Stats:

  • Damage - 2.5
  • Range - 2.5
  • Firing Rate - 2.0
  • Reload - 2.8
  • Accuracy - 2.5

Here's how you can get one yourself:


2) Evans Repeater

Stock Evans Repeater w/ Quick Lever-Action System

The Evans Repeater is one badass piece of iron, I must say. With an almost unmatchable lethality at medium to long-range, this rifle carries an insane ammo capacity, holding up to 26 rounds at a time. With that many bullets in the chamber, it's only fitting that it also possesses a fire rate that could almost keep up with the bullets themselves. 

Just a few reasons why this repeater is as great as it includes:

  • Largest ammo capacity out of any other repeater/rifle in the game
  • A quick rate of fire with outstanding accuracy
  • Great range capable of hitting targets from lengthy distances

Here are some of the stats:

  • Damage - 2
  • Range - 2.6
  • Fire Rate - 2.6
  • Reload - 2.4
  • Accuracy - 2.9

How to obtain this weapon:


1) Litchfield Repeater

Stock Litchfield Repeater w/ Quick Lever-Action System & High-Powered Rounds

And last but certainly not least, I present to you a firearm possibly handcrafted by the god of metalworks, Hephaestus himself (too corny? Maybe), the Litchfield. This is one tough S.O.B. for a gun in the 1800s, with the highest base accuracy and damage in the game out of all the available repeaters. It may be perfect for hunting animals, but this thing's an absolute beast that preys on your enemies with ease. 

Some noteworthy features about this gun:

  • Ammo capacity of sixteen rounds
  • All-around rifle capable of clearing areas quickly and efficiently
  • Slower firing rate, but excels in all other aspects 

Base Stats Include:

  • Damage - 2.6
  • Range - 2.6
  • Firing Rate - 2.0
  • Reload - 2.6
  • Accuracy - 2.8

 Here's how to unlock the Litchfield as early as possible:

Free Litchfield Repeater - Chapter 6 Quest


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