Top 50 Most Famous Video Game Monsters of All Time

Not AI generated

Let’s face it. Games are fun and all when we play the hero where we save the world, get the girl, and get all the treasure but really in any of these games, the experience is nothing without enemies or monsters in our way.

Monster is defined as an imaginary creature that is large, ugly, and frightening but monster also pertains to an inhumanly cruel or wicked person. In this list we are going to count down the most famous of them all.

From the most horrifyingly vile humans to the most destructive giants to the cute and deadly. These are the 50 most famous video game monsters of all time.

50. Boo - Luigi’s Mansion

See Boo

These small ghost-like apparitions with a particularly cute name are a mainstay to the Luigi’s Mansion franchise.

Luigi can find them scattered around the play area often hiding in plain sight or behind walls as do traditional ghosts do.

Although not threatening or scary in the traditional sense, but if enough of them get together, they form a giant monster called the Boolossus.

You’ve gotta love the dev team for that top notch wordplay.


49. Creeper - Minecraft

Your Diamond Palace’s worst nightmare 

See Creeper

The creepers are a type of monster in Minecraft that resembles a walking green tower with two legs and a creepy looking face.

Anyone who’s ever played Minecraft knows that these little monsters are the bane of their existence. These green nightmares explode on command as a way to try and destroy you and your precious structures.

All the hours you’ve spent creating a cozy log cabin or a diamond palace will disappear in a flash when these green kamikaze monsters arrive to ruin your day.


48. Freddy Fazbear - Five Nights at Freddy’s

Main suspect of the infamous Bite of ‘87

See Freddy Fazbear

Freddy or Freddy Fazbear is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy’ Franchise appearing as an anthropomorphic animatronic bear.

Known for giving players on YouTube and Twitch the fright of their lives as they try to keep an eye on Freddy and his other possessed animatronic buddies on their rage fueled awakenings at Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place.

His robotic movements and his razor sharp teeth are all nightmare fuel material for anyone who dare set foot in his abode.


47. Dracula - Castlevania

What is a man but a miserable pile of secrets

See Dracula

The gates of an old castle in Transylvania, Romania houses the world's most powerful and most famous vampire of all time, Dracula.

Supernatural powers, teleportation, transformation, and a whole slew of magical and physical attacks that range from a blood whip to blood draining are tools of destruction that Dracula has possessed throughout the series.

Often appearing as the final boss in most Castlevania games, his strength and skills are matched only by his lust for power and blood.


46. Librarian - Metro 2033


When return to monke goes a little bit too far

See Librarian

This gorilla sized monster is all kinds of pissed off and scary in the game, Metro 2033. He is one of the most dangerous and frightening monsters that the main character, Artyom, will have to face in the game.

Living in the ruined Moscow State Library with which it got its name from, it uses its primitive level intelligence, often using ammo to lure the player into its trap, and its animalistic strength to ravage Artyom once you step foot into its territory.


45. Reaper Leviathan - Subnautica

Thalassophobia personified

See Reaper Leviathan

The Reaper Leviathan is a giant alien sea monster that swims the Crash, Mountain, and Dune zones in Subnautica.

Possessing a long slim body with four scythe-like mandibles on its mouth and four eyes to track its prey. An encounter with this leviathan class monster rarely results in the player swimming away unscathed or alive.


44. Lycans - The Order 1886

All wolfed up and ready to go

See Lycans

Werewolves have always been a staple in popular culture with a variety of forms and iterations that they have taken over the years.

In the 2015 game, The Order 1886, these classic monsters are given a new and terrifying take.

ppearing as a 9 foot tall humanoid monstrosity that possesses both human and wolf attributes with sharp teeth, claws, and a muscular but lanky frame.

These monsters are the main antagonists of the game and are on a mission to establish a permanent foothold in the city of London and make it their own. 


43. Reapers - Mass Effect

As we all know. Anything with glowing red eyes screams evil.

See Reapers

Reapers are sentient bio organic staships that act as the overarching antagonists in the Mass Effect franchise. They are responsible for galactic mass extinctions every fifty thousand years in the games.

Their technology allows them to brainwash life and turn them into servants obedient to their cause by a process known as indoctrination. Their goals and methods to see their mission through is terrifying as it is inevitable.


42. The Flood - Halo

Uh yeah I think i’m running

See The Flood

First encountered by Master Chief in the original Halo game as a literal flood of tentacles and slimes are the parasitic and virulent alien species known as The Flood.

First appearing in the original Halo game and the subsequent Halo titles, these infesting parasites take over a speciesbiomass and intelligence and turn them into twisted versions of themselves reminiscent of the aliens from The Thing.

Able to take over fellow alien species like the Covenant and humans alike. No living being is safe from their parasitic clutches.


41. The Broken Neck Woman - Fatal Frame

Yeah… absolutely not going anywhere near her

See The Broken Neck Lady

Japanese ghosts have always been way scarier compared to their western counterparts. With such notable ghouls as Sadako from The Ring and Kayako from The Grudge.

It’s no wonder why their visage creeps us out so and with The Broken Neck Lady from the Fatal Frame series, she is no exception to this exceedingly creepy group of ghosts. 

Appearing as a lady with an overturned head hanging very loosely by a broken neck, she appears as an extremely hostile ghost that will attack the player at all times.

When she catches the player unaware or when she attacks, she appears to laugh as she does so as if to taunt the player. A victim of suicide in her life and now haunts the living in the afterlife, her horrifying visage will haunt players way after they turn off their consoles.


40. Crypto - Destroy All Humans

Ready for probing

See Crypto

Appearing in the form of the classic Gray alien species in popular culture and in real life eyewitness testimonies.

Cryptosporidium, or just Crypto, is the main villain and playable character in the Destroy All Humans series of games. Tasked to take over Earth with his array of devastating weapons from a plasma beam, electrocuter, and his trademark anal probe. He will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission and destroy all humans.


39. Goro - Mortal Kombat

4 times the arms. 4 times the pain

See Goro

One of the most recognizable faces in the Mortal Kombat franchise and as one of the most difficult bosses that gave players a hard time in the original game. Goro is the Shokan prince of Outworld and acts as one of Shang Tsung’s most powerful allies.

Known in the Mortal Kombat community as one of the deadliest fighters in the game where he utilizes his herculean strength, his trademark four arms, and flame manipulation to decimate and dominate players.

With the goriest fatalities ever in the franchise where he rips off arms, punches people's heads into their chests, and stomping them to a paste. He deserves his title as prince of the Shokan.


38. Charizard - Pokemon

Charizard with the “don’t try me bro” face

See Charizard

Appearing in the very first pokemon games with Pokemon Red and Blue and in the first 151 Pokemon in the Kanto region.

Charizard has become a staple in the Pokemon community and in pop culture where he has appeared in cartoons, movies, and most famously in games. Charizard is the fully evolved form of Charmander and one of the first 3 starter Pokemon along with Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

He is dragon-like in appearance with a burning flame at the tip of its tail which acts as its indicator of power and life. The hotter his flame burns, the more powerful he gets. 


37. Azazel - Tekken

Behold the Giant Egyptian Eagle Man of Doom

See Azazel

Appearing in Tekken 6 as its main antagonist. Azazel is an ancient demon locked away deep underneath the Earth that is prophesied to re-emerge in times of war and chaos.

In game, it is one of the hardest ever bosses to ever grace a Tekken stage with one hit move KO’s and multiple combo attacks with which it can juggle a skilled player with ease. 


36. Oni - Street Fighter

Demons with Goku-fied hair is never good news

See Oni

Akuma has been one of Street Fighter’s most difficult bosses and one of its rosters heaviest hitters.

He wields a mysterious force called the Satsui No Hado which literally translates to “Surge of Murderous Intent” with which he uses to enhance his attacks like his defiled shoryuken uppercut and his own version of Ryu’s hadouken.

But once he decides to completely combine with the Satsui No Hado. He leaves behind everything that makes him human and transforms into Oni.

A demonic monstrosity surging with power that can destroy entire islands with one punch and take on literal god killers and come out on top with ease. 


35. Bahamut Sin - Final Fantasy

A winning smile that can brighten up anyone's day

See Bahamut Sin

Appearing as a gigantic dragon enemy summoned by Kadaj to destroy Meteorfall Monument in Edge and wreak havoc among its populace.

Bahamut is one of Final Fantasy’s most destructive and most iconic monsters in the franchise. The design for Bahamut Sin was inspired by the culture of the Jomon Period in Japanese history.

Its designer, Takayuki Takeya, felt that the image of a winged dragon was already set and he wanted to make the appearance of Bahamut different with an aesthetic that will set it apart from other incarnations. 


34. Sarah Kerrigan - Starcraft

The Queen of Blades

See Sarah Kerrigan

Once a former ghost sniper of the Terran faction that was captured by the Zerg alien species to be mutated and transformed into is The Queen of Blades herself, Sarah Kerrigan.

Kerrigan in her infested zerg form now sports bladed wing-like growths on her back which she uses as weapons in her many conquests throughout the galaxy.

She also has command over all zerg lifeforms of any size aided by her Terran psychic abilities that are enhanced by her mutations.

She is now hellbent on destroying anyone that gets in her way and to fulfill her vengeance against the man who betrayed her to the Zerg, Arcturus Mengsk.


33. Chris Walker - Outlast

What is it with these monsters and their eternally toothy grins

See Chris Walker

Chris Walker has no less been eternally enshrined in the hall of classic video game monsters despite being a relatively new addition to the who’s who of the terrifying and iconic.

Another source of jumpscares and a living embodiment of anxiety as he chases you throughout the ruined halls of Mount Massive Hospital. Y

ou’re forced to run and hide as you are given no weapons throughout your playthrough, only the world's most easily depleted camera. His hulking physique and brute strength are enough to send players in a panic trying to escape this terrifying monster.


32. Rathalos - Monster Hunter

A less cuddlier version of Charizard

See Rathalos

Appearing in the first ever Monster Hunter game and every game since then including spin-offs, the Rathalos is considered as the icon of the Monster Hunter series.

Rathalos is a dragon-like flying wyvern that can spew out flames from its mouth. It also possesses poisonous talons on its feet and a thick armored tail with a spiked club at the end.

Rathalos are the males of its species while a different animal named the Rathian are the females.

Its design is also known for its giant membranous wings that form ornate patterns which are used to attract the Rathians as potential mates. Rathalos aren’t just dangerous but they are also dangerously dripping in style.


31. Leshen - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It almost looks like Geralt himself is preparing to run rather than fight

See Leshen

A creature of Slavic folklore inspiring creatures and monsters the world over that stretch out even to Asia, the Leshen is a monster made real in The Witcher 3.

The Leshen is a forest monster that is described as “something that only lives to kill”. When they do get their clutches on someone, they leave very little for scavengers to pick apart.

With the ability to control the forest itself and be able to turn into a smoke monster that can hit you as hard as its corporeal form. The Leshen is one of Geralt’s most dangerous enemies to face.

No matter if you’re only level 5 or if you’re level 40. A fight with this monster will leave you depleted or defeated if you’re not careful in contending with its power.


30. Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid

He is someone you do not want to get anywhere near your search history.

See Psycho Mantis

An enemy that was WAY ahead of its time in the fact that he can actually see your play history on your console and can “control” your controller at will and can even compel you to do things of his bidding such as switching ports on your console.

Psycho Mantis is a powerful psychic of FOXHOUND and wears a specialized gas mask that he uses to block out outside thoughts from entering his mind.

He is attracted to those who harbor negative emotions such as the “Man on Fire” appearing in The Phantom Pain.

The mark he left in video game history is still felt today as there has been no video game enemy that has had his literal influence on the player and the console on which he existsto this day.


29. CyberDemon - Doom 2016

The boss battle of a thousand retries

See Cyber Demon

One of the hardest ever boss battles you’ll ever encounter in a game that took me a literal dozen retries was the Cyberdemon of Doom 2016.

A gigantic and hulking monster that is covered in cybernetic armor outfitted with a literal cannon on its left arm. This demon is a daunting task to take on even after hours of playthrough and power ups for Doomguy himself.

With a health bar that trickles away slowly even after being hit by your strongest weapons and a second phase that is just pure frustration personified. This boss battle is something pulled straight from your worst nightmares.


28. Lisa - P.T.

Imagine this thing staring down at you in the middle of the night

See Lisa

Coming from the ill-fated P.T. (which stands for Playable Teaser) demo that was supposed to be a prelude to the canceled Silent Hills game by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. 

Lisa is the one and only enemy you’ll encounter in this 30 minute horror masterpiece.

She is the vengeful ghost of a murdered housewife that was killed by her husband with two rifle shots, one to head and one to her stomach.

Now appearing as a twitchy and twisted form of her former self, Lisa now haunts her old home which appears as one endless looping corridor forever trapping and terrifying anyone who visits her home.


27. Alduin - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

As established before, red eyes = evil.

See Alduin

In the thousand hour plus playthrough you can do on Skyrim, there is one overarching enemy of the entire game and that is the black dragon himself, Alduin.

Alduin is the wellspring of the Nordic pantheon and also the harbinger of the apocalypse. He is also considered as the creator of the dragons in one text in the game.

First encountered shortly after the famous “Hey! You’re finally awake” line in the first few minutes of the game. We get a glimpse of his power when he levels a whole village in just a few breaths of fire.

He also has the power to breathe out chilling gusts of ice that can freeze enemies on contact.


26. Piggsy - Manhunt

The worlds angriest side of bacon

See Piggsy

There are lots of messed up characters in Rockstar Games. From Edmund Lowry Jr. in Red Dead 2 to Officer Tenpenny in GTA: San Andreas, they all have their own claim to fame in the despicable side of things.

But none of them comes close to the revulsion that Piggsy from Manhunt brings. Appearing as a fat, naked, and middle aged man that wears a skinned pig head for a face.

He stalks his victims and cuts them apart with his chainsaw. Through years of his derangement and insatiable hunger for murder, he has lost all touch of his humanity and has almost become animalistic in his mannerisms.

From squealing like a pig to even acting like one, this serial killer deserves its place in one of gaming's most violent titles.


25. Freakers - Days Gone

A panic attack from hell made real

See Freakers

Never has a video game ever encapsulated the horror and panic of being chased by 500 infected people since the Freakers of Days Gone came about.

Freakers are the infected humans and animals that fell victim to the Hooligan Virus which twisted their bodies and minds to become an animalistic reflection of their former self. 

Hairless and with an almost rubbery skin texture to them, they hunt and prowl the devastated forests and countryside of Farewell, Oregon where the events of the game take place.

Often gathering in the hundreds and dwelling in hollowed out buildings and caves, they go out at night to feed and if you happen to come across a member of the horde.

It wont take one second till a hundred of more of them come barreling down to your location to tear you apart limb from limb.


24. Thunderjaw - Horizon Zero Dawn/ Forbidden West

Not a transforming robot but every bit as deadly

See Thunderjaw

The Horizon series is about a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by sentient animal-like machines that can use biomass as their fuel.

These machines take inspiration from real animals like horses, giraffes, buzzards, and many more. But none of them are as feared as the Thunderjaw.

he Thunderjaw’s design takes inspiration from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It wields a radar to track enemies, a spinning disc cannon to cut enemies in half, and a giant laser to decimate prey and the surrounding area it fires its weapon on.

Taking on a Thunderjaw is possible but highly difficult as its power and health are more than a meager task to take on.


23. Wendigo - Until Dawn

Don't look at me please

See Wendigo

Moving in a jittery, spider-like way that can jump from wall to wall is the Wendigo from Until Dawn.

Acting as the ultimate antagonists of the game, these mutated monsters are former humans that have been possessed by an ancient spirit when they are forced to ingest human flesh as a means to survive.

These creatures have indestructible skin unless they are attacked with fire and possess incredible strength able to rip off heads and crush them with ease.

In your playthrough, you’ll be stalked by these inhuman mutants where your only hope of survival is if you don't move a single muscle.


22. Deathclaw - Fallout

This is a bull I would not like to rodeo

See Deathclaw

An icon of the fallout series and also one of its deadliest enemies, the deathclaw roared and mauled its way into the hearts of all fallout players.

Deathclaws are genetically engineered creatures developed by the USA to replace humans in search and destroy missions. 

After the events of the Great War in the fallout series, they escaped into the wild and over time colonized much of the country where they became apex predators of the new irradiated biome that was once the United States.

Walking bipedally to heighten their vision to track down prey over longer distances, they run down their prey and attack their targets with their razor sharp claws that can bisect an unarmored human in one fell swoop.


21. Joseph Seed - Fallout 5

Only youuuuu

See Joseph Seed

Out of all the Far Cry villains that have graced our consoles over the years, Joseph Seed is undoubtedly the most messed up out of all them.

We use the term monster loosely on this list but Joseph definitely fits the bill for the definition of what a monster is. He is a megalomaniacal psychopath that has no problem killing, torturing, or looting his enemies to advance his vision and his cult known as “Project at Eden’s Gate”.  

He runs his cult alongside his brothers and his sister who he has dubbed as his “Heralds”. Under Seed’s leadership over his cult, he has overseen coercion and violence to bring the residents of a town called Hope County into his cult.

With delusions that he was chosen by God himself as his savior, he will stop at nothing to see his mission through. Even if it means a nuclear holocaust to make it so.


20. Laura - The Evil Within

Long japanese ghost hair and four arms are never a great combination

See Laura

Now in our top 20 monsters, we will start this by introducing Laura from The Evil Within. Laura is the twisted vision of Laura Victoriano who is the sister of the first games main antagonist, Ruvik.

Laura died in a burning barn where her screams and her red burning red dress are the last memory that Ruvik ever saw of his sister alive. 

Inside the STEM machine where the events of the first game transpired, Laura is reincarnated into a four armed spider-like monstrosity with flowing hair covering her face and bloodied skin all throughout while she screams in constant agony.

She can be defeated by using fire reflecting the manner on how she died.


19. Slender Man - Slender: The Eight Pages

Arguably, this ragdoll looking figure caused the internet’s first viral horror game

See Slender Man

Released more than a decade ago in 2012 to a very warm response by the gaming community due to its simple yet terrifying gameplay. The goal is to walk around a forest and look for 8 pages strewn around the play area.

Simple enough right? Well all throughout your playthrough, you’re stalked by the internet’s first urban legend, The Slender Man. 

Slender Man is a faceless and unnaturally tall humanoid that wears a suit and tie that wields unknown supernatural powers.

His powers are vague in accordance to his lore but his presence when he’s near any electronics causes them to glitch out and cause white noise whenever he is near.

When he gets close enough to you, the last thing you will ever see is his faceless visage plastered on full screen.


18. Slasher - Dead Space

I bet when Isaac Clarke signed up as an engineer, he didn’t expect the undead corpses of his former workmates to transform into scythe handed zombie monsters.

See Slasher

Appearing as the most common necromorphs in the Dead Space franchise, Slashers are the undead human corpses that litter the USG Ishimura and beyond.

Slashers get their name from the blade like protrusions that jut out from their hands that they use to attack any living human.

Although easily dispatched when alone, they become a terrifying force when they gang up. The only way to get rid of them permanently is by cutting off all of their limbs.


17. Rafe Adler - Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Come on, legend

See Rafe Adler

Fueled by visions of grandeur, recognition, and a burning jealousy for Nathan Drake, Rafe Adler is the kind of treasure hunter that ticks all the wrong boxes.

Rafe was former partners with Nathan and his brother Sam in search of the treasure of Henry Avery, who is known to have pulled off the greatest heist in history, carting off with more than a hundred million dollars in gold and priceless artifacts. 

Over time he drifted apart from both and set out to hunt for the treasure himself. But when the brothers reemerge and set out to find the treasure themselves.

He will stop at nothing to stop them from getting to the treasure first. Blackmail, murder, and betrayal are lines he will not hesitate to cross to get to the creature and finally fulfill his desire to kill Nathan Drake.


16. Big Daddy - Bioshock

Once you hear these giants moan, you’ll never be at ease when you hear another one ever again

See Big Daddy

Big Daddies are genetically enhanced humans who are now melded into an armored diving suit effectively turning them into bio-organic giants.

The purpose of a Big Daddy is to protect Little Sisters which are genetically modified humans trained to search for the ADAM component in corpses around Rapture.

Big Daddies were originally the maintenance workers of the underwater city hence the giant drill on their arm. 

But when the ADAM liquid was discovered and found out to be a much more profitable source of income, they were then turned into protectors of the Little Sisters with which they will defend in ferocious manner, willing to kill anyone that attempts to harm them in any way.


15. Volatiles - Dying Light

Do you think these zombies are hardcore Blade fans?

See Volatiles

The primary source of stress when night falls in Dying Light.

These ultra fast and highly mobile infected will run you down at breakneck speeds to try and take a bite out of your sweet meats or turn you into another member of the zombie horde.

These highly mutated zombies can run up walls and spit a corrosive acid at you from a distance so even if you're hiding up a telephone pole or 50 meters away from this murder monster you’re still not safe.

The only way you can deter or even kill these things is by way of UV light or simply just don't go out at night.


14. Khotun Khan - Ghost of Tsushima

A warlord of ferocious might and absolutely cool looking armor

See Khotun Khan

Khotun Khan is the ruthless and cunning leader of the Mongol army sent out on a mission to conquer the island of Tsushima, Japan by order of his cousin, Kublai Khan.

In his first scene in the game, he effortlessly dispatches the island's strongest and most skilled samurai by simply splashing him with wine and then nonchalantly setting him on fire with a torch.

To add to this barbarism he then cut off his head for good measure. 

Over the course of the game, we see more of his unspeakably evil acts by forcing a broken man to set fire to his friends to open a gate and beheading Jin Sakai’s trusted friend in front of him and leaving his headless body for him to look upon for hours while he was tied up and captured.

Khotun Khan will go to any lengths to see his mission and his conquest fulfilled.


13. Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

Who knew that a dude in such a silly hat would become a horror icon over the years.

See Pyramid Head

First appearing in Silent Hill 2 and since then becoming a mainstay to the Silent Hill franchise and beyond with cameos in numerous other games and crossing over to other media such as comic books and movies, Pyramid Head has earned his place in the hall of horror legends.

Pyramid Head is a manifestation of Silent Hill 2 protagonist, James Sunderland, guilt and desire for punishment. His existence is to make James human and remember his past actions. 

Pyramid Head wields The Great Knife and The Great Spear which are instruments of James’ inner torment.

His signature pyramid head is a manifestation of James’ guilt and inner torment which represents James’ refusal to face the results of his actions in his past. 


12. Ganados - Resident Evil 4

Alli Esta!

See Ganados

A staple of the Resident Evil series are of course the zombies featured in the game. In Resident Evil 4 though, the undead flesh eaters take a step back to make way for the iconic Ganados.

Ganados are infected villagers of a Spanish rural settlement by the Las Plagas parasite.

In the ensuing infection that happens, the parasite takes over their brains and turns them into mindless puppets controlled by Osmund Saddler, the prime host of the Plagas. 

Ganados can speak, perform basic actions like cook and do normal housework.

But when Saddler calls upon them, they take up arms and set out on a path of destruction to whatever their leader directs them to.

Ganados is Spanish for livestock which reflects how Saddler sees his subjects. Expendables for the use of his devious plans.


11. Mr. X - Resident Evil 2

The world's most intimidating fedora wearer

See Mr. X

When you hear booming footsteps walking towards you in the empty halls of the Raccoon City Police Department, you better know that Mr. X is gonna give it to ya.

Mr. X, or T-00, is a tyrant class bioweapon sent out into Raccoon City tasked to recover a G-Virus sample from Sherry Birkin and wipe out whatever's left of the police force in the city.

This mission eventually led him to Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy who was also on their way to find a way out of the city and escort Sherry to safety. 

Mr. X is impervious to normal bullets and the most it can do to him is stagger him for a few seconds. Headshots, grenades, and fire will not work on him unless they are from a rocket launcher which is its ultimate weakness.

He uses his brute strength and nigh invulnerability are its main tools to decimate whatever's left of the city’s last defenders.


10. Bowser - Mario

Gaming’s most persistent princess pilferer

See Bowser

The rival to gaming’s most famous hero is the princess kidnapping giant dragon turtle, Bowser.

Sometimes known as King Koopa or King Bowser, Bowser is a giant fire breathing Koopa who leads the Koopa troop that includes the walking mushroom Goomba and the standard foot soldier Koopas.

His claim to fame is his undying desire to kidnap Princess Peach for still unknown reasons and to ultimately defeat Mario to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. 

His plan to take over the kingdom was to turn every denizen into brick. So all those bricks that Mario destroyed during his journey? Yeah those are all the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bowser is a master in psychological warfare with that tactic, probably giving Mario survivor’s guilt after he saves the princess.


9. Ganon - The Legend of Zelda

The OG Prince of Darkness in video games

See Ganon

Ganon, or Ganondorg when he turns into his blue pig demon form, is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda series. Just like Bowser, he is also known as gamings other most famous princess kidnapper.

Debuting in the first Legend of Zelda game first as a monstrous prince, he has since developed a deeply engaging backstory with much deeper motives to his deeds.

He is the reincarnation of a demon called Demise and he is eternally bound to keep reincarnating until he achieves his goal of world domination. 

Ganon is imbued with the triforce of power, a mysterious artifact that gives him immeasurable strength and an endless supply of magic.

According to prophecy, there is no one that can stand against him apart from the hero that the Golden Goddesses have chosen, Link, who is also destined to be eternally reincarnated to put a stop to Ganon’s plans for all eternity.

The stalemate to end all stalemates.


8. Headcrabs - Half Life

The Danger Hat of Death

See Headcrabs

The headcrabs in the Half Life series of games are the stuff of absolute nightmares. They are a parasitic species of alien that latch onto the heads of humans and then slowly turn them into mindless zombies.

The altered humans still have a sense of awareness able to let out anguished wails of their suffering.

But over time as the headcrabs continue to mutate the humans they infect, it becomes all too clear that taking them off is a near impossibility.


7. Tank - Left 4 Dead

You already know when all the zombies scatter in Left 4 Dead, this huge thing is coming

See Tank

In my first ever playthrough of Left 4 Dead i thought it was gonna be a standard zombie shooter experience. I didn't watch the intro since I was so excited to get into the action.

Yes there were Hunters, Boomers, and Smokers but nothing too hard to handle.

As I approached the safe house, a car came flying in frpm the distance and eventually landed on me. I saw a hulking brute barrel down the road flinging cars and concrete slabs at us. And in one fell swoop all of us were incapacitated and killed.

This was my first encounter with the Tank. 

The Tank is a giant and muscular infected from the Left 4 Dead series. It has a gigantic upper body that can ragdoll anything in its path.

Infected, cars, people, none are safe from the terrifying rage of the Tank. Taking them down is not an easy feat. You basically need the full ammo reserves of a small army to take down the tank and that's not even guaranteed.

Never slowing down and never stopping till it's dead.


6. Xenomorph - Alien: Isolation

From the movies to video games, nowhere is safe from the xenomorph.

See Xenomorph

When the original Alien film from 1979 was released, it terrified audiences for its realistic looking animatronics and its tense atmosphere where you felt trapped, same with the characters on screen.

In 2014, this magic was recreated with the release of Alien: Isolation. Playing as the daughter of Ellen Ripley who was the main protagonist of the first movie, you’re tasked to navigate through cramped corridors and dark hallways to try and escape death from the titular Xenomorph. 

The Xenomorph AI in the game works in two ways. One controlling its head and one controlling its legs.

So when the xenomorph hears a sound or movement its head AI directs it to where the approximate location is but the leg AI will determine where it goes.

For a more terrifying experience with this game, you can turn on your microphone and be as quiet as possible when you take on this extraterrestrial monster.


5. Clickers - The Last of Us

In my country we have food that looks exactly like a clicker head. We call it Chicharong Bulaklak. It's delicious.

See Clickers

One of the most terrifying and dangerous enemies you’ll face in the The Last of Us games are these blind infected called the Clickers.

Named after the clicking sound that they make to track down their prey just like how a bat uses echolocation. It flies into a berserk state when it detects its prey and nothing can stop it unless a hail of gunfire or fire gets in its way.

Sneaking up on them is possible but know that every step you take as you inch nearer to it, it can hear with pinpoint accuracy.

Make one wrong step and you’re bleeding to death with your throat ripped out.


4. Joker - Batman: Arkham Asylum/ City/ Origins/ Knight

A smile that can make anyone terrified

See Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime, The Jester of Genocide, Mr. J, all nicknames that describe one psychopath that terrorized Gotham and beyond, The Joker.

Joker’s origins are unknown even by him. He has no one true name but one thing is clear, is that his desire for violence, chaos, and torture are unmatched by any of Batman’s villains. 

In the Batman: Arkham series, he has tortured Jason Todd to the point that he broke his psyche and almost caused him to go insane, crippled Barbara Gordon, and murdered Batman’s one true love in front of him.

This and so many more crimes are what makes Joker one of the most despicable and evil monsters that gaming has ever come to witness.


3. Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2

The Saviour of Pandora

See Handsome Jack. I mean like who doesn't wanna see Handsome Jack.

Charismatic, conniving, cruel, these are all words that perfectly describe what Handsome Jack is.

Formerly known simply as “John”, Handsome Jack is the president of the Hyperion Corporation and is hellbent to rid the planet of Pandora of murderers, bandits, and psychopaths by any means necessary.

Even if it means he has to betray his friends and control his own daughter to get it. 

His despicable acts have covered murder, betrayal, hostile takeovers, torture, and coercion to get to where he is today.

What defines him as a monster is his inability to see beyond his goal with the only that focuses him is his drive for genocide due to far reaching and personal reasons.


2. Arthas Menethil - Warcraft 3

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". A fitting quote for the champion of Ner’Zhul

See Arthas Menethil

Once a promising champion for the forces of good, slowly got turned to the forces of darkness as his drive and ambition only plunged him further into insanity and chaos.

Arthas was the prince of Lordaeron and the next in line to rule over the kingdom. He was first set out on a mission to stop the plague of Lordaeron but his methods became more and more despicable to see his goals made true.

Murdering innocents, betraying his allies, and ultimately committing regicide when he murdered his father in cold blood. 

He became the wielder of frostmourne, a supernatural sword thrumming with power but corrupts its wielder's mind in the process.

With him successfully killing his own father and now the champion of Ner’Zhul when he took on the armor of the Lich King. Arthas now sits on the frozen throne ready to lead the armies of the undead to whatever sinister goal he so pleases.


1. Micah Bell - Red Dead Redemption 2

Absolutely HATE this guy

See Micah Bell

Sadistic, cruel, evil, monster, Micah Bell is the embodiment of these words and more.

Micah was a member of the Van Der Linde Gang riding with other gunslingers such as John Marson, Hosea Matthews, and Arthur Morgan.

A greedy and selfish individual with goals that ultimately lead to his own gain. He will gladly sell his own sister for a warm meal for himself.

His betrayal of the Van Der Linde gang broke up one of gaming’s strongest bonds by ways of betrayal and selling out for a couple thousand dollars. 

He has murdered innocent people in cold blood to get his guns back, shot people point blank just because of a mere unfounded suspicion, robbed and killed children to get a few dollars worth of money, and corrupted Dutch to the point where he would betray his family of 20 plus years for a man he just met 6 months ago. 

Micah’s despicability and evil is something that almost no other video game character has ever come close to and it's going to take someone more evil than Micah, if that's even possible to do, to dethrone him as the number 1 monster in video games.


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