[Top 5] Days Gone Best Assault Rifles and How to Get Them

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Some days you just wake up and realize, you're gonna need a bigger gun.

5. MWS 

What makes the MWS awesome?

  • Excellent stopping power, range, and rate of fire.
  • Easily obtained weapons early in the game and one of the first weapons in-game that is in a decent condition when you purchase it.
  • Most enemies, including the Rippers, are taken down with two shots from this weapon.  Great for multiple enemies at once. 

How to Get Weapon:

  • After earning Trust Level (2) at the Hot Springs Camp you can purchase this weapon for $2,000.

4. PPSH-41

What makes the PPSH-41 awesome?

  • It has a massive rate of fire with a good amount of ammo capacity.
  • Best for up close and personal- but does have excellent range. Can handle man, zombie or animals alike with few bullets wasted.
  • Considerably cheap compared to other weapons of similar power.
  • Despite being slightly more powerful than the MWS, it is available for only level 1 trust at Wizard Island.

How To Get the Weapon :

  • Available at Wizard Island.
  • After achieving Trust Level (1) you can purchase the weapon for $2,250.

3. US556

What makes the US556 awesome?

  • Preferred combat weapon for many on Survival and Hard mode.
  • Extreme stopping power, excellent rate of fire and magazine size. Truly awesome for medium to long-range. Some people have taken entire hordes on with this weapon.
  • The name is based on the country of origin, and the type of ammo it is.

How to Get the Weapon: 

  • Another unlockable at the Hot Springs Camp for Trust Level (3). This camp holds most of the weaponry in the game.
  • It can be obtained for the steep price of $3,750.

2. Rock Chuck

What makes the Rock Chuck awesome?

  • One of the only built-in suppressors available in-game that never wears off or degrades. 
  • At Special Forces condition, this gun may not be the strongest- but truly invaluable.
  • This gun not only has the highest rate of fire available but high range, accuracy, and penetration.

How to Get Weapon:

  • Unlocked after clearing out all Marauder Camps.

1. IDF Pup 

  • High accuracy, low recoil, and an incredibly large magazine. And if you get the upgrade, it’s even better!  With a huge amount of damage, range- this weapon is all around an amazing must-have. 
  • It can take down many enemies with headshots. Preferred weapon of most Survival players.
  • Hard to get, even more, impossible to put down.

How to Get Weapon:

  • Complete 50% of the Horde Killer Storyline.
  • If you want the magazine upgrade for this gun, complete 75% of the same storyline.

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