[Top 5] Days Gone Best Horde Weapons and How to Get Them

Days Gone Best Horde Weapon
This is not the best way to run into a horde of Freakers.

What are the best weapons to face off a horde?

You step out into the midnight wilderness, ready to ride on the Broken Road, and immediately run into a horde of Freakers. In most cases, the next few minutes will boil down to a heart-pounding struggle to prevent a dead Deacon St. John. If you want to prevent this from happening to you, read along and check out these five weapons you should never face a horde without in Days Gone.

5. The SMP9 (Best for: Surviving Until Bigger Guns are Available)

The SMP9 in action against a ravenous horde.

The SMP9 is a neat little monster that fits in your pocket while still bearing quite the set of teeth. This Sidearm weapon is described as being “great for one-on-one encounters, but make each shot count.” Don’t let that chase you away though, this early available weapon is just what you need to survive the hordes when first setting out.

Even better, there’s an upgraded model that’s almost too easy to get your hands on right out of the gate. Obtaining it can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a difficult start.

The SMP9 has a few standout stats for a Sidearm:

  • Level 3 – Average Condition
  • DMG – 2
  • Range – 9
  • Accuracy – 8
  • Rate of Fire – 10
  • Penetration – 4
  • Stopping Power – 2
  • Magazine – 30

What makes this Sidearm awesome and just what you need?

  • It has an incredible rate of fire that will keep the heat off your back.
  • Its high range will allow you to keep your distance while cutting down Freakers.
  • Its accuracy is incredibly high for a submachine gun, lowering the amount of potentially wasted shots.
  • Its magazine is a decent size, even before being given an extended mag upgrade.

How do you get the SMG9 – Level 3 Average Condition?

  • You need Level 3 Trust at the Hot Springs Camp in the Belknap region.


  • You’ll need Level 3 Trust at Iron Mike’s Camp in the Lost Lake region.
  • A merchant at either camp will hand it over for 1250 Credits.

The SMG9 – Level 4 Military Specs has a different set of conditions if you want it.

  • It’s a reward for clearing 10% of the Horde Killer mission.
  • This amounts to four hordes.

Video Guide to getting the Level 4 SMG9.

4. The Liberator (Best for: Putting Down Freakers Hard, Fast, Up Close, or Farther Away)

The Liberator letting loose on a horde.

Normally, shotguns wouldn’t be considered horde-killing material. While they pack quite the punch, they often lack in clip-size and need to be reloaded regularly. A pitifully short range compounds this problem, forcing you to keep yourself up close and personal when you’d rather not be.

Together, these two factors only lead you closer to Game Over.

And then, there was the Liberator. Described as an “invaluable stopping machine,” this semi-automatic Primary weapon of Days Gone is the perfect mix of power, range, and speed.

The stats for the impressive Liberator:

  • Level 5 – Special Forces Condition
  • DMG – 9
  • Range – 9
  • Accuracy – 3
  • Rate of Fire – 8
  • Penetration – 3
  • Stopping Power – 4
  • Magazine – 6

What makes the Liberator so awesome for a shotgun?

  • With its extended mag upgrade, it’s the highest overall performing shotgun in Days Gone; it’s fast, it’s strong, and it’s a quick reload.
  • It’s just what you need when the Freakers start getting really close, and really nasty.
  • When in range it’s a semi-automatic one-shot killer, farther back and it becomes a dangerous semi-automatic spray shooter.

How do you get your hands on the Liberator?

  • It will take Level 3 Trust at Iron Mike’s Camp in the Lost Lake region to access.
  • Parting with 3000 credits will make this baby yours.

Video Guide to getting the Liberator.

3. The RPD (Best for: Holding You Over Until You Can Get the MG55)

The RPD tearing apart a horde with ease.

This light machine gun is the best Special weapon you can get in Days Gone for wiping out hordes… until you progress far enough along to unlock the MG 55. However, that’s not to say the RPD isn’t a stand-up LMG all on its own. Between its top-notch firing rate and large magazine, it can handle most hordes while keeping you far away enough to breathe easier.

The RPD’s stats are nothing to sneeze at:

  • Level 4 – Military Specs Condition
  • DMG – 3
  • Range – 9
  • Accuracy – 7
  • Rate of Fire – 10
  • Penetration – 3
  • Stopping Power – 3
  • Magazine – 65

What makes the RPD an awesome choice for horde extermination?

  • It’s pretty easy to obtain once you get to the right camp.
  • It has almost no recoil, which makes targeting large amounts of oncoming Freakers a breeze.
  • Its extended mag upgrade puts the LMG’s magazine size a cut above all but the hardest to obtain weapons in Days Gone.

How can you get your own RPD?

  • You’ll need Level 1 Trust at the Wizard Island Camp in the Crater Lake region.
  • It only takes 1500 credits to get this horde-killing machine in your hands.

Video Guide to purchasing your own RPD.

2. The Chicago Chopper (Best for: Chewing Through Enemies Fast and Furiously)

The Chicago Chopper chewing through a horde.

The Chicago Chopper can easily top any chart it’s put on. It’s arguably the best Primary weapon in Days Gone, lauded for its “fast firing rate and huge ammo capacity.” A powerhouse weapon, this SMG can take down an entire horde by itself.

As long as you don’t miss.

The Chicago Chopper’s stats trade punch for speed:

  • Level 4 – Military Specs Condition
  • DMG – 4
  • Range – 9
  • Accuracy – 8
  • Rate of Fire – 10
  • Penetration – 3
  • Stopping Power – 2
  • Magazine – 55

What makes the Chicago Chopper the most awesome Primary in Days Gone?

  • A maxed-out Rate of Fire gives you the freedom to spray your prey with ease.
  • It can drop normal foes, human and Freaker alike, in one shot.
  • The reload time is insanely fast, meaning you can keep shooting with fewer breaks.
  • As a Primary, using the Chicago Chopper leaves you free to fill your Special slot with whatever your heart desires while still being horde-ready.

How can you get your very own Chicago Chopper?

  • It’ll take a Level 2 Trust at the Wizard Island Camp in the Crater Lake region.
  • Having 3000 credits on hand would be smart if you want to buy this top tier SMG.

Video Guide to purchasing the Chicago Chopper.

The MG 55 (Best for: Never Having to Worry About Hordes Again)

The top-tier MG 55.

The MG 55 is the best of the best when it comes to all around horde elimination. This Special (which is really an HMG) totes a “tactical military grade… with very little recoil,” meaning you’re in for a treat once you go up against a horde with this bad boy. It may not be the easiest weapon in Days Gone to acquire, but it’s definitely worth the trouble.

The stats for the MG 55 are probably the most well rounded when it comes to horde killing:

  • Level 5 – Special Forces Condition
  • DMG – 4
  • Range – 9
  • Accuracy – 7
  • Rate of Fire – 10
  • Penetration – 4
  • Stopping Power – 5
  • Magazine – 75

So what makes the MG 55 the awesome horde-slayer that it is?

  • The extended mag upgrade to this LMG is the largest in Days Gone, bar none.
  • Charging Freakers will be stopped in their tracks with this weapon… if they’re not dropped in one shot first.
  • There’s barely any recoil at all, so just sit back and mow down the hordes as they come.

How does the MG 55 find its way into your inventory?

  • The only way to obtain this LMG is to complete 60% of the Horde Killer mission.
  • Likewise, the extended mag upgrade is only available after completing 85% of the Horde Killer mission.

Video Guide to obtaining the MG 55.


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