Days Gone All Ambush Camp Locations

Where are all of the Days Gone Ambush Camps?
Silencing the watchers makes taking out an ambush camp much easier.

Where do you draw the line after society falls apart?

The world as we knew it has collapsed, and it’s been 730 days since it’s been gone. While some have banded together in the hopes of rebuilding some small modicum of civilization, too many others that have gathered together have decided that just taking is the easier way to survive. These ambush camps litter the Broken Road you must travel. They must be dealt with, for the safety and peace of mind of all.

Each region in the Oregonian backwoods of Days Gone has a number of these camps. It’ll be up to you to find them on your own and make what’s left of the world a little safer.

1. Cascade Radio Tower Camp

The 'tutorial' ambusher camp you clear as part of your introduction into the world of Days Gone.

Camp Location:

  • Cascade Region.
  • It’s set up directly north of O’Leary Mountain, near the edge of the map.

Camp Details:

  • This camp is part of the Main Storyline mission ‘No Starving Patriots.’
  • There will be 10 ambushers to take out.
  • The bunker is inside the building with the ‘Northwest Netcomm’ sign on it.
  • The storyline ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ is unlocked and the first reward, the Craft Recipe for ‘Spiked’ melee weapons, is given.

2. Jefferson Rail Tunnel Camp

Open space and little experience could make this camp difficult for beginners.

Camp Location:

  • Cascade Region.
  • It’s hunkered down north of Horse Lake and west of the Pioneer Cemetery.

Camp Details:

  • A total of 14 ambushers need to be taken care of.
  • Please mind the horde congregated to the south of the camp.
  • The bunker is nestled next to a wooden cabin at the top of the hill.

3. Horse Creek Camp

This camp is an uphill battle the entire way.

Camp Location:

  • Cascade Region.
  • It’s sprawled out east of the High Desert Logging Camp area, northeast of Copeland’s Camp.

Camp Details:

  • A batch of 14 ambushers will be stationed here.
  • The bunker is sitting pretty under the antennae tower at the southern part of the camp.

4. Black Crater Camp

Rippers. It just had to be Rippers.

Camp Location:

  • Belknap Region.
  • This group is as far to the southwest of the Hot Springs Camp as you can go.

Camp Details:

  • There will be 14 Rippers defending this area instead of common ambushers.
  • The bunker is far in the back of the camp. Go up the pass under the ‘We Are Many, We are One’ sign and behind a wooden fence.

5. Belknap Caves Camp

Watch out for a third party looking to get involved at this camp.

Camp Location:

  • Belknap Region.
  • You’re looking for the area straight east of the Hot Springs Camp, far south of Marion Forks, and northeast of Crazy Willie’s.

Camp Details:

  • A ragtag group of 14 ambushers will be camped out here.
  • Be warned, a horde makes its home directly underneath the camp, so gunfire and shouting will alert a mass of Freakers to your presence. They will swarm both you and the ambushers.
  • The camp is split up and connected via several  short bridges.
  • The bunker is on the northwesterly side of the camp between two massive boulders.

6. Bear Creek Hot Springs Camp

There's no time to rest or relax at this rocky camp of bandits.

Camp Location:

  • Belknap Region.
  • It’ll be north of the Hot Springs Camp and west of Marion Forks.

Camp Details:

  • A slightly larger group of 15 ambushers will be plotting away here.
  • The bunker is located on the west side of the camp under the pine tree around the area where there’s a large bonfire.

7. Deerborn Camp

Don't expect to find Bambi at this mountainside ambush camp.

Camp Location:

  • Lost Lake Region.
  • Far to the east of Iron Mike’s Camp and south of Sherman’s Camp is where you’ll find signs of this camp..

Camp Details:

  • Another large group of 15 ambushers lay in wait at this location.
  • The bunker is located on the north side of the camp between a collection of tents and tables.

8. Berley Lake Camp

A light target all things considered, but still worth the effort.

Camp Location:

  • Lost Lake Region.
  • You can head straight southwest from Iron Mike’s Camp.

Camp Details:

  • Only 13 ambushers guard this camp.
  • The bunker is located a straight walk away from the derelict hunting cabin between two rock outcroppings and under a pine tree.

9. Wagon Road Camp

Do the world a favor and clear these Rippers out.

Camp Location:

  • Iron Butte Region.
  • A short jaunt north of the plane wreck you travel to in the ‘Playing All Night’ mission and southeast of the Iron Butte Pass Nero Checkpoint will get you right at this camp’s front door.

Camp Details:

  • A congregation of 20 Rippers has gathered at this camp.
  • The bunker is inside of a cave tunnel—don’t worry, there are no Freakers here—at the east side of the camp near one of its entrances/exits.

10. Redwood RV Park Camp

More Rippers means more blood, one way or another.

Camp Location:

  • Iron Butte Region.
  • You’ll have to head straight east of the Cloverdale Facility and south of the Main Ripper Compound to get to this camp.

Camp Details:

  • Another merry band of 20 Rippers will be stationed at this camp, regardless of whether or not you’ve completed certain Main Story missions.
  • The bunker is in the northern section of the camp behind an RV and a group of blue toilets.

11. Spruce Lake Camp

Be mindful of your surroundings, especially in places like ambush camps.

Camp Location:

  • Crater Lake Region.
  • It’ll be southwest of Wizard Island and due south of Diamond Lake Camp.

Camp Details:

  • A fairly manageable group of 15 ambushers will be struggling to survive at this camp.
  • Be warned, this camp is not only a Nero Checkpoint but also the stomping grounds of an unofficial horde that will emerge when you begin your assault.
  • The bunker is located on the east side of the camp near the blocked entrance inside a tent.

12. Cascade Lake Railway Camp

Hopefully the cold never bothered you anyway, because sometimes duty calls to some truly miserable places.

Camp Location:

  • Crater Lake Region.
  • Drive far to the east of Diamond Lake Camp and just north of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint along the main road to get to this camp.

Camp Details:

  • An average-sized group of 15 ambushers suffers in this desolate and cold encampment.
  • The bunker is in the southern part of the camp behind the derailed train and a pile of forgotten black crates.

13. Aspen Butte Camp

Send them a message they can't ignore... Get Out.

Camp Location:

  • Highway 97 Region.
  • You’ll need to head straight north of Chemult Community College.

Camp Details:

  • The average number of 15 expected ambushers will be found at this camp.
  • A side entrance of this camp is also a Nero Research Site that is hidden in a cave.
  • The bunker is in a concrete square of a building on the south side of the camp.

14. Bare Bay Camp

Don't sink under the pressure of clearing the way for living a safer life.

Camp Location:

  • Highway 97 Region.
  • The camp is southeast of Chemult Community college and southwest of the Nero Research Site you’ll need to jump twice while on your bike to get to.

Camp Details:

  • An ambush group 19 strong eke out a living at this camp.
  • The bunker is easy to find sitting out in the open in the camp’s central area.

Eradicating camps will reward you with Trust and credits at legitimate camps as well as Craft Recipes the farther you progress. After the first camp is cleared, the remaining recipes will be unlocked as follows:

14% - Stamina Cocktail

21% - Smoke Bomb

29% - Axe Recipe

36% - Focus Cocktail 

43% - Superior Club 

50% - Proximity Bomb 

57% - Incendiary Bolt 

71% - Attractor Bomb 

86% - Explosive Bolt

The order in which you clear the ambush camps doesn’t matter in regards to when these Craft Recipes are unlocked, only the percentage of the ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ mission you’ve completed.

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