Days Gone Best Camps to Upgrade First

Days Gone Best Camps
Initial camping place for Deacon & Boozer. It's Breathtaking.. Quite literally for Boozer later on. Yikes!

Which Days Gone Camps should you invest in? 

Days Gone is all about killing Freakers, but there's plenty of things to focus on, for zombie world survival and riding the bike around. For everything that we just mentioned, you need some massive number of upgrades to bikes and wide range of weapons to take Freaks down. 

The best way to get access these amenities is, to invest in places called encampments aka camps in Days Gone. There are 5 in total and most of them are unlocked through story missions only. 

In Days Gone, Deacon and Boozer are Drifters, aka they never settle down for any encampments created. So, most camp people wont trust them, and this shows us the mechanic of Trust system.

The trust system is what you use to upgrade the camps. So, the big question is, where do I invest my trusts to? Well, we’re here to answer that question for you!

1. Iron Mike Camp

Takes a while to get here, but Boozer needs a new camp! Iron mike is an old friend.

Location: Lost Lake 

Why Upgrade This Camp First? 

  • Access to all of the weapons and bike upgrades you could possibly need.
  • This is the only encampment in the central part of the map.
  • This camp is connected to missions and side activities found in two different regions (Lost Lake and Iron Butte) meaning you gain Trust fast.
  • This is the only accessible camp for decent weapons and bike upgrades, till you get to unlock diamond lake camp, which is very late in the game.
  • Most of the storyline missions are done from here, naturally making you to get Trust level 2 faster.


2. Diamond Lake Camp

You'll be an eager beaver as you get here, it's a long road. Welcome to Diamond Lake Camp

Location: Crater Lake Region 

Why Upgrade This Camp Second? 

  • You get one of the best bike upgrades in the game, all are of top notch.
  • Doing missions for this unlocks Wizard Island Camp.
  • Can purchase ammo and suppressors.
  • Bike upgrade is very helpful, as wizard island missions make you travel long distances.


3. Wizard Island Camp

The biggest camp ever with the best upgrades. Although its very late in-game to unlock :(

Location: Center of Crater Lake Region 

Why Upgrade This Camp Third? 

  • You get one of the best weapons in the game, all are of top notch and very wide range of weapons.
  • Unlock south part of the map.
  • Can even purchase ammo, suppressors and weapons etc., in the same place
  • Gets you some leverage to finish a Horde mission later on.
  • By this time, you get all upgrades for bikes and ammo, which will help in final missions and take out any horde.

4. Hot Springs Camp

Not the most ethical camp for people, but certainly a decent place for weapons and your 1st Sniper.

Location: Belknap Region

Why Upgrade This Camp Forth? 

  • Get decent weapon (only) early in the game with Trust 1. For a M40 Sniper 
  • More weapons, you need trust level till 3.
  • Not much wide variety, but certainly decent start.
  • Most storyline missions is done here, which helps in trust increase without much work.
  • Unlock Iron Mike’s Camp later on.
  • Cannot upgrade Bike.

5. Copeland's Camp

The first camp to visit, decent for bike upgrades. I still think the mechanic should give free upgrades for Deacon's bike!

Location: Cascade Region

Why Upgrade This Camp Fifth? 

  • Get decent bike upgrades (only) early in the game with Nitrous 1 and saddlebags 1. Which is best for boosting the bike speed for few seconds and storing ammo, like 1 or 2 bullets. 
  • Not much wide variety, but certainly decent start.
  • No weapon upgrades.
  • You don’t spend much time here story mission wise.


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