[Top 5] Days Gone Best Crafted Weapons and How to Get Them

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Ah man, my axe got stuck in someone again... It's so hard to get the stains out of rust.

1. The Bat Axe 

What Makes the Bat Axe Awesome:

  • Nearly one-shots most generic enemies you come across. You can easily fight a nest spawning six too eight enemies and not take any damage while wielding this weapon. 
  • Easily obtainable after getting the blueprint from Blake Crater Ambush Camp. Most of the parts used in crafting are available almost anywhere in the world you can go to.
  • The baseball bat can also be used to make other weapons like the Superior Club and Spike Bat if you want to change up the way you cause chaos.

How to Craft the Weapon:

  • (1) Wood Baseball Bat, (1) Sawblade, (1) Scrap

  • Defeat Blake Crater Ambush Camp

2. Crossbow Bolt 

What Makes the Crossbow Bolt Awesome:

  • While most would laugh at a crossbow bolt on this list, its worth a lot more than most players give it credit for. The bolts are automatically unlocked immediately after you complete the game’s prologue.
  • Easily found materials to assemble the bolts throughout the world.
  • Silently be able to attack and kill your enemies without alerting others. 
  • Come in a wide variety of ammo that you can craft later in-game. Such as the residue, incendiary, explosive, and poison bolts.

How to Craft the Weapon:

  • (1) Scrap, (1) Cedar Sapling

3. Attractor Bomb 

What Makes the Attractor Bomb Awesome:

  • One of the fastest ways to eliminate hordes if you set up pre-fight.
  • You’ll need to fight a grueling battle with the Wagon Road Ambush Camp to receive this crafting recipe.
  • This weapon not only has the part of bait but will distract and truly massacre the enemies that come near it. 
  • While more difficultly obtained materials go into this weapon, the sheer horde stopping power is well worth it to have a few of these available.

How to Craft the Weapon:

  • (1) Gunpowder, (1) Spark Igniter, (1) Can, (1) Scrap, and (1) Alarm Clock.
  • Defeat Wagon Road Ambush Camp

4. Napalm Molotov

What Makes the Napalm Molotov Awesome:

  • Not only is the Napalm Molotov an upgraded version of our beloved standard favorite, but it significantly weakens hordes, the flames spread further on the area that its thrown and burn damage lasts longer. 
  • While standard Molotovs are unlocked automatically like the crossbow bolts, Napalm Molotovs are completed through the mission: You Alone I Have Seen. 
  • Mixed with the Attractor Bomb, you can easily achieve one of the hardest trophies in-game. Days Gone in 60 Seconds, defeating a horde in under a minute. 
  • Just like regular Molotovs, you can burn nests with these weapons. Only there won’t be anything left inside to run after you without dying a few feet from the nest. 

How to Craft the Weapon:

  • (1) Kerosene, (1) Rag, (1) Growler, (1) Polystyrene
  • Complete You Alone I Have Seen

5. IPCA Stun Gun

What Makes the Stun Gun Awesome:

  • What’s better than a flame thrower? A stun gun that makes people catch on fire after you hit them! Apart from the DLC that was added later for a secret ending and bug fixes, the stun gun adds to the fun.
  • This gun is extremely powerful and can almost one-shot enemies entirely. Worried about bears? They are in that one-shot category too.
  • An Easter Egg based on the Syphon Filter Series, another game by Bend Studios.
  • Unfortunately this is one of the hardest weapons in-game to be able to craft. But after completing its requirements, it will unlock and as of the game’s last patch, will have infinite ammo for you to cause mayhem with.

How to Craft the Weapon: 

  • Collect 18 pieces of IPCA Tech from NERO Checkpoints
  • Unlock the O’Brian Ending
  • Complete the Main Story.

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