[Top 10] Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Foods (And How To Get Them)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Foods, rdr2 best food

[Top 10] Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Foods (And How To Get Them)


Arthur has 3 main attributes: Health, Stamina, and Deadeye, and each of them has a Bar and a core.

For example, Your health bar goes lower when you get shot when you're out of the fight; it would regenerate. The speed of that regeneration is determined by how filled up the core of your health is.

The same applies to Stamina and Deadeye. That’s essentially the difference between Bar and Core.

Now that we got that out of the way let's talk about the best foods that help you fill them up in the best way possible.


10. Assorted Salted Offal

Don't judge them; you weren't alive in 1899. They are cheap, carriable and you can consume them on the go.


  • Slightly increases Health and Dead Eye Cores

How to get it :

  • Buy it from the store for $1.35 


09. Apples 

Did you know that apples existed in that period? Me neither. Apples are great in red dead because you can eat them and fill up two cores at once for $0.40, and also you can feed them to your horse.

You know what they say, one apple a day doesn’t keep my gun tucked away. Sayings were different back then.


  • Slightly restores Health Core and Stamina Core Slightly 
  • Restores all Horse Cores

How to get it :

  • Buy them from the store for $0.40


08. Canned Corned Beef

We all know Corned Beef; it's also one of those things that you can consume on the go, like when you're on the way to shoot some people. 


  • Slightly increase Dead Eye Core, Moderately increase Health Core.

How to get it :

  • Buy it from the store for $1.75

07. Cheese Wedge

Cheese remains to be one of the best inventions in human history. Arthur Buying and eating cheese is one of the most relatable things in the game.


  • Moderately increases Health and Dead Eye Cores

How to get it :

  • Buy it from the store for $1.90


Everything we mentioned so far is foods you can consume on the go. Now let's talk about the real deal. 

Taking time to cook your food at a camp will provide you with serious advantages, extra health bars on top of those you already have.

06. Minty big game 

After setting up camp, you’ll need a lump of big game meat, like crocodile meat and Wild mints.


  • Max out Health core.

How to get it :

  • Hunt a crocodile 
  • Wild mint is a plant that grows near marshy areas, near streams, and moist places.


05. Oregano big game 

For this one, you’ll need a big game meat and oregano, set the camp, and get you a good meal. 


  • Max out the Stamina core 

How to get it :

  • Hunt a big game
  • Find oregano growing around the map 


04. Thyme big game

For this one, as always, a slice of big game meat with creeping thyme, I don't know why that's its name either.


  • Max out Deadeye core

How to get it :

  • Hunt a big game
  • Creeping thyme can be found in thin soil near river banks, sandy soil, and near rocks.

03. Potent health cure 

We filled up the cores. Now let's fill up the bars, also known as the rings. The recipe for this one is: x2 Ginseng, X2 Yarrow, x2 English mase 


  • Get the health bar to levels 3

How to get it :

  • Ginseng can be found in forests and moist areas
  • The Yarrow plant is generally found in the grasslands and forested areas of Lemoyne and New Hanover.
  • As for the English mase, it can be found near the river banks in New Austin. It also appears in trace amounts in Ambarino, such as near the train tracks directly south of The Loft.


02. Potent bitters 

The recipe for great stamina is Sage and burdock root, mix them in a cup and drink up.


  • Fill up Stamina ring to level 3

How to get it :

  • Sage can be found in Lemoyne, on the western side of West Elizabeth and along the Kamassa River (New Hanover).
  • You can find Burdock Root along the banks of most rivers, but a great place to search for it is on the banks of the Dakota River to the southwest of Valentine.


Potent snake oil

All that is left to be completely maxed out is Deadeye, and for that, we'll need x2 Indian tobacco and x2 currants.


  • Fill up Deadeye ring to level 3

How to get it :

  • Golden Currant is found in the western side of the Great Plains area, particularly along the railroad tracks.
  • Indian tobacco can be found growing in West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and Lemoyne.

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