Red Dead Redemption 2 Thrown Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Thrown Weapons

Red Dead Redemption 2 Thrown Weapons  (And How To Get Them)

There's a variety of throwable weapons in RDR2. Some are the same, and some are better than others; in this Article/guide, we'll look at the best ones and how to get them.

5. Hunting Knife

This is an obvious one to start with; it's always available; unlike me, it has various purposes, skinning animals, throwing weapons, Close melee combat. I don't even have one.

What’s Great About the Hunting Knife :

  • Multiple uses
  • It can be used as a melee or throwable weapon
  • Used for skinning animals
  • The only melee weapon that’s customizable 
  • Free

It’s Stats :

  • Damage      2.0 
  • Range        0.5 
  • Accuracy    4.0
  • Fire Rate    4.0 

How to get The Hunting Knife :

  • Nothing, you start with it, a great deal.


4. Toxic Moonshine Bottle

TMB doesn't kill the enemies immediately, but it creates a cloud of poison where they'll choke to death and disorient them.

What’s Great About The Toxic Moonshine Bottle  :

  • Great for creating chaos among groups of enemies
  • Chokes enemies and disorient them
  • It makes your targets easier to hit
  • It's a craftable, throwable  

It’s Stats :

  • Damage    2.3
  • Range       1.0
  • Accuracy    1.0
  • Fire Rate    4.0

How to get a Toxic Moonshine bottle : 

  • The Toxic Moonshine Bottle can be purchased from the Moonshiner Store for the price of $5.00, or you can craft it; if you chose the latter, then here's how to craft it: 
  • Buy the recipe. 
  • Read the recipe.
  • Ensure you have the ingredients (Oleander Sage, Milkweed, or Yarrow,   and a Moonshine bottle in your pouch.
  •  Go to the weapons section of the crafting menu. 


3. Volatile Dynamite

Do we need to explain this one? Think of Dynamite, got it? Good. Now make it Volatile.

What’s Great About the Volatile Dynamite :

  • Great for hunting animals like fish.
  • Great damage.
  • Great for groups of enemies.
  • It can be used on mines, trains, and safes.

It’s Stats :

  • Damage    4.0 
  • Range       1.0
  • Accuracy    0
  • Fire Rate    0.5

How to get The Volatile Dynamite  :

  • You need a recipe, so Arthur learns how to make it.


2. The Ancient Tomahawk

Aside from having a very cool name ''the Ancient Tomahawk'' it's also regarded as one the best weapons used for stealth.

What’s Great About The Turkoman horse :

  • Can kill with one hit in stealth
  • Unique weapon 
  • Looks nice
  • Nice stats 

It’s Stats :

  • Damage    2.3
  • Range       1.0
  • Accuracy   1.0
  • Fire Rate   4.0

How to get The Ancient Tomahawk :

What’s Great About The Viking Hatchet :

  • Great for hunting 
  • Easily kills human enemies 
  • Free you go and find it 
  • It looks cool

It’s Stats :

  • Damage    2.3 
  • Range       1.0 
  • Accuracy   1.0 
  • Fire Rate   4.0

How to get The Viking Hatchet :


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