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Movies Like Fallout
Bet you could use some of that Dinki-Di can, right pal?

06. I Am Legend

I Am Legend Official Trailer

Will Smith saved us from almost everything in the 1990s and early 2000’s. His best attempt at doing so was in the film I Am Legend. In this movie Smith plays a former scientist who happens to live through a biological global pandemic that has killed just about everyone on Earth. He sets out not only to survive but to preserve humanity from total extinction. There are predators roaming the world now as mutated creatures which resulted from the pandemic. Will Smith’s character has the smarts to save humanity and find a cure but is running out of time. This film captures the Fallout environments to a tee and also has mutants around every corner in a fallen metropolis setting. This is a must-see for any fans of Fallout and one of the best post-apocalypse films of all time.

I’m standing right here, you don’t have to yell in my ear. 

Mans best friend means more than ever when you’re the only two alive in New York City. 

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