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Movies Like Fallout
Bet you could use some of that Dinki-Di can, right pal?

09. Doomsday

Doomsday Official Trailer

It’s the near future and a deadly virus outbreak has killed off most of Scotland. The rest of Great Britain has built a wall to quarantine it from spreading only to discover a potential cure lies within. After discovering this potential cure, a group of British soldiers set out to rescue the doctor who is rumored to be working on it. While in Scotland the rescue team is captured by medieval looking knights who take them prisoner. All seems lost when they find out a cure isn’t available and the mission might have been for nothing. This movie has an awesome original idea in blending the old world with the modern day. It’s really cool seeing medieval castles with modern day tanks together in an action film. This movie just like Fallout has a carefully balanced blend of the old world infused with the post-apocalyptic new. This is definitely worth a watch.

When all else fails use the armored Duck. Work every time. 

We should have never should have asked these guys for directions.

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