[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Beautiful Locations For Taking Screenshots

Guild Wars 2 has many amazing locales fit to be worthy to become your desktop wallpaper or favorite screenshot.
Guild Wars 2 has many amazing locales fit to be worthy to become your desktop wallpaper or favorite screenshot.

One of the opinions that players have whenever they talk about Guild Wars 2 is how beautiful the game is; from how the graphics of the game still holds up to this day, to the gorgeous landscapes even while at low settings, and even the minute details of the surrounding areas. There are many locations around Tyria where you can have tons of fun taking scenic screenshots as your new desktop wallpaper or just a part of your collection. If there is a demand for it, we can possibly feature a part two in the future.


10. Brisban Wilderness - The Shattered Henge Vista

Brisban Wildlands may not seem to be the most picturesque of maps in Guild Wars 2, but there are some hidden gems if you are willing to look deeper into said map. Beneath the lush marsh, forest, and desert, are pockets of neat little vistas that you can take some inspirational screenshots at. One notable location is located near the vista of The Shattered Henge and its view of the forest from within.

What makes The Shattered Henge great for taking screenshots?

  • The area with the vista for The Shattered Henge showcases a beautiful marsh forest with a hero point guarded by an aggressive oakheart that needs to be defeated before taking the point. 
  • The view from on top of a nearby fountain-like flower depicts a scene of the cascading waters from the top that gradually flows to the waters below as the various predators stalk their prey.
  • The locale is also near to the entrance to Dry Top, but may occasionally be locked due to events causing vines to seal it from intruders.


9. New Kaineng City - Kaineng Docks

Whether it is real life or in-game, fishing docks can be one of the more picturesque locations to aim your camera at. For screenshots, go ahead and take some awesome pictures at New Kaineng City's own Kaineng Docks and know why this fishing port is one of the more beautiful places to visit, especially if you fancy some nice, relaxing baiting and reeling action. No matter how you take screenshots of your characters, do include the walls of Kaineng City in frame as a reminder of the majesty of Cantha.

What makes the Kaineng Docks great for taking screenshots?

  • No matter what time you head for the Kaineng Docks, the calming presence of the sea is always a favorite backdrop among some of the player base.
  • At night time, the docks take on a life of their own as the light of the stars and nearby lamp posts give the docks a serene ambience as the looming walls of the city stand by.
  • Players that are fond of fishing will be able to appreciate the scenery at night as the giant looming jade structure of the city looms nearby and the nearby static ships add to the background.


8. Mount Maelstrom - Hidden Garden Jumping Puzzle

It can be considered a bit of a cop-out to include jumping puzzles to this list because of all the awesome screens you can take from them alone while doing the puzzles or at the end, but the Hidden Garden is just too good to pass up. The challenging jumping puzzle takes place in Mount Maelstrom which has its own awesome vistas and scenery that you can look up, but none are as close to what the Hidden Garden can offer potentially. 

What makes the Hidden Garden Jumping Puzzle great for taking screenshots?

  • The Hidden Garden is not just one of the many jumping puzzles in the game, but is a jumping puzzle with a scenic view that many players have come to appreciate despite the difficulty it can pose for those unprepared to tackle it.
  • The journey to the top was far more perilous without the use of mounts and gliders, but the dangers can easily be bypassed now, letting you get to awesome points for screenshots.
  • If you honor the jump puzzle, get to the top on your own without said mounts and gliders to fully earn the magnificent views from the top. In reality, there are other areas of the Hidden Garden with beautiful views even from the bottom.


7. Ember Bay - Shipwreck Beach

Ember Bay is one of the more unique maps that were included during the Living Story and has become a fun spot for farmers and challengers of the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle. While there are some notable spots where Ember Bay can be seen in all its glory, nothing is more breath-taking than a shot of either the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle itself, or the Titan's Perch and all the lava that spews from it. 

What makes the Shipwreck Beach great for taking screenshots?

  • While the beach is a great location to take screenshots of the shipwrecked circus and all, nothing beats taking screenshots of the ominous lava flowing from Titan’ Perch.
  • The entire place looks a bit creepy and dark at night, giving you more reasons to put your most awesome characters in front of this imposing location, almost like a Souls-borne character standing in front of a large, hulking enemy.
  • The fiery location makes for some red-hot action poses you can do with your character if you time your screenshots just right, or happen to have a buddy to take the shots for you.


6. Fields of Ruin - Secluded Glen

There is so much to be said regarding the lessons that Guild Wars 2 often conveys to its players if they play the game long enough and actually pay attention to the stories. The Secluded Glen in the uppermost left corner of the map of Fields of Ruin is a point of interest that features a patch of greenery among the devastation of the Brand. Where there are crystals, there should be little to no life, but this tiny area somehow survives.

What makes the Secluded Glen great for taking screenshots?

  • The Secluded Glen, according to the lore, is the location fir the gravesite of the adventurer, Killeen, who is responsible for the truce between humans and charr.
  • The location is a patch of untouched nature that the Brand somehow missed and shows no form of crystal corruption, unlike the other patches of land that surrounds it.
  • The Hero Challenge node makes for a good source of radiant light players can stand in to make their shots look more stunning.


5. Grothmar Valley - Aurene’s Grace

While Grothmar Valley is more known for the ever popular Ooze Pit farm and the equally awesome Metal Legion concert meta event, there is so much to do in the land of the Charr. One quiet location, however, remains to be a not-so popular screenshot haven in the Aurene's Grace point of interest due to the metas that are constantly being run by players. Come and stay awhile at this serene location and have some really jaw-dropping screenshots with some friends and take a dip in the crystal clear water.

What makes Aurene’s Grace great for taking screenshots?

  • The prismatic rock formation is but a taste of the raw, awesome power that Aurene, the newest and benevolent Elder Dragon, possesses and holds to protect the sentient races from the forces that seek to destroy them, like her fellow Elder Dragons.
  • The beautiful, crystal clear waters are aesthetically pleasing and make for some great photo ops on either your trusty Skimmer or Skiff mounts.
  • No matter if you are taking the screenshots during the daytime or nighttime, Aurene's Grace is simply majestic no matter the time of day you choose to take screenshots as long as you don't mind the loud music from the nearby Metal Legion concert of course.


4. Diessa Plateau - Hidden Strawberry Garden

Above the Black Citadel lies the nearby shared area of the Norn and Charr, Diessa Plateau, and all the fun shenanigans to be had within the area (Cattlepult, anyone?). While the action takes place in the majority of the map, over by the sleepy Town of Nolan point of interest, there is a hidden mini-jumping puzzle that lets you gain access to a hidden strawberry garden that is tended to by Anya Fairmind, a charr cub. Earn the trust of this young one and she'll let you pick some of her strawberries as long as you don't tell anyone her secret.

What makes the Hidden Strawberry Garden great for taking screenshots?

  • The little treck to get to the Hidden Strawberry Garden is quite easy, but may take a bit of timing to make certain jumps so bear that in mind.
  • From the bottom of the garden looking up, the location appears to be a wrecked charr building that hasn't been used in ages as the forest has reclaimed it.
  • From the top of the garden, however, you can see a young charr cub taking care of her secret strawberry garden. You can choose to keep your promise of not telling the world about her strawberry farm, or you could go ahead and pick them for yourself while taking screenshots of it (you monster).


3. Desert Highlands - “The Castle in the Sky”

Mirages are optical illusions that occur when the reflection of distant objects show up randomly at a far away location, displacing the image from its real location. The reason for the Mirage 101 is due to the phenomenon that takes place high above the skies of the Salt Flats when players see what looks like a translucent image of a castle in the sky. What exactly is this castle and is it even a mirage? Please, game devs, give us some information on it in the future!

What makes the Castle in the Sky great for taking screenshots?

  • The journey to get there is an adventure in of itself and needs at least the jackal mount to gain access to the location if you don’t have the griffon or skyscale mounts.
  • The Castle in the Sky is a beautiful mirage that is better seen in the night’ sky at a specific Mastery Point northwest of the nearby Hero Challenge point.
  • Players often take screenshots of the location while on the floating platform where the Mastery Point is being taken, but those daring enough use their griffon and skyscales to get up-close to the mirage.


2. Divinity’s Reach - The Planetarium

Planetariums are large, open halls where people can observe simulations of the night sky on a large domed ceiling. Divinity’s Reach, the human home city, houses one such area and players just walk through it without realizing its hidden beauty. One of these days, as you stop by the area, do yourself a favor and look up at the ceiling during night time and take in the beauty of the scenery; a scene you wouldn’t notice normally but will now begin to appreciate. 

What makes the Planetarium great for taking screenshots?

  • The location is super easy to get to due to it being in the human race’s home city, Divinity’s Reach and can be easily accessed via Asura Gate from Lion’s Arch if playing as another race.
  • The Planetarium activates and becomes more obvious at night, when the entire dome activates, showing the planets slowly revolving around, and the godrays from the central top portion of the dome shimmer.
  • The Planetarium is one of the more underrated locations due to it being in a home city and is ignored by the majority of players only looking to get to the central part of the map where the banks are and don't think to stop and take a look at the beautiful spectacle happening above their heads.


1. The Grove - Secret Bamboo Garden

We have reached one of the favorite spots among the community for taking awesome screenshots of their characters: the Secret Bamboo Garden underneath the Grove. This not-so-hidden gem once eluded players, but once the secret was out, it has become one of the top favorite locations among the player base. You don’t even need to use any shader mods to take pretty screenshots when the location carries itself very well.

What makes the Secret Bamboo Garden great for taking screenshots?

  • The Secret Bamboo Garden is famous for its breath-taking view of a small but quaint garden tucked away behind a hidden underwater passageway.
  • The bamboo that lines up the scene opens up toward the back and frames rocks in the background that are bathed in a waterfall.
  • The tops of the bamboo are covered with beautiful red leaves as rays of sunshine emanate from above during daytime, and moon light at night time.


Closing Thoughts

While there are many other spots where you and your friends can take awesome screenshots like in the previous ten examples, these are just the ones provided by the community and are some of their favorites. This just proves that everywhere you look in Guild Wars 2, there is a spot worthy of your next screenshot.

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