[Top 3] Guild Wars 2 Best Healers in 2021

Guild Wars 2 Best Healers
Your search for the best healer class ends right here right now!

Why play Healer?

The Healer Role is very important and sought-after role in Guild Wars 2, especially in high-end PvE like Fractals, Raids or some Strike Missions. In this article, we are going to take a look at the TOP 3 Healers in 2021.

Let’s get to it!

3. Firebrand

The Firebrand - Guardian's Elite specialization that comes with Path of Fire expansion offers great healing while also maintaining a high support role in terms of applied boons.

The highest potential of this Guardian Elite Specialization comes from their Tome skills. In terms of Support, particularly the Tome of Resolve and Tome of Courage. 

This exact potential of Firebrand is highly sought after, as it matches its counterpart in terms of quickness providing - the Chronomancer while having a very reasonable healing output.

For the weapons, we are going to turn to Axe/Shield and a Staff. 

Our gear (including trinkets and backpack) should be full Harrier’s - Power, Healing Power and Boon Duration.

For runes we go with Rune of the Monk, so we further increase Healing and Boon Duration and for the sigils - Sigil of Transference and Sigil of Concentration - also increase Healing and Boon Duration.

Our utility skills should consist of: Mantra of Solace, Mantra of Lore, Mantra of Potence, Bow of Truth and “Feel My Wrath!” - all of these Utility skills are healing and support oriented. It is vital to learn to use them at the right time.

Traitlines should be: Honor, Virtues and Firebrand. The specific traits should be chosen individually for each situation - feel free to customise them as you see fit and to what works best for you.

Why is Firebrand great for Healing:

  • Offers reasonable outgoing healing as well as support
  • Can also potentially squeeze in some condition damage (if set right - involves some gear changes) to aid the party further
  • Supplies a lot of Quickness aside from Healing

2. Scourge

The Scourge - Necromancer's Elite specialization that comes with Path of Fire expansion offers a refreshing change to classic healing by providing Barrier.

Scourge’s area of expertise lies in providing Barrier rather than Healing. The Barrier is essentially a damage shield that is put above your HP - this means that even if you have full HP, you can still get Barrier.

However, if your HP is at 10%, if you get Barrier your HP remains at 10%. So you see - ups and downs.

Overall, our Scourge guy here is pretty neat and useful in instanced game scenarios (i.e. Raids/Fractals/Strike Missions…). It is usually referred to as Carry Scourge since it carries the party on its resilient shoulders.

For the weapons, we are choosing Dagger/Torch and /Warhorn. In case a lot of AoE is needed, you can switch Warhorn for Staff. 

The stats should be full Marshal’s, Runes are Superior Flock and Sigils are Water/Transference.

For traitlines we are going with: Blood Magic, Soul Reaping and Scourge. 

Blood Magic is very important for a Carry Scourge - It aids your Healing abilities as well as really, really helps your allies - especially the downed ones.

Soul Reaping - This traitline offers you a lot in terms of gaining life force. Since you will be using your life force a lot, this traitline is extremely useful.

Scourge - this (quite obviously) helps you with providing Barrier to yourself and your allies. It also lets you summon Sand Shades which are essentially AoE extensions of your support/healing/carry abilities.

Why is Scourge great for Healing:

  • The best Barrier provider in the game
  • Ultimate Carry ability
  • Has a great reach thanks to the Sand Shades.

1. Druid

The Druid - Ranger's Elite Specialization coming with the Heart of Thorns expansion outshines every other when in comes to Healing potential

So, why is the Druid the Best Healer in the Game? 

Because it provides Full Healing AND Great and competitive Support. 

However, this does have a drawback. Sadly, you cannot really rely on the Druid to carry out any significant DPS. In fact, Druid hardly has any DPS at all.

Our main focus is Staff. This weapon is the pillar on which the Heal Druid stands.

Essentially, for your Utility skills, you are going to run full Spirits. Spirits are summoned creatures that give AoE support to allies within their AoE range.

Our traitlines are going to be Nature Magic, Skirmishing and Druid. 

Nature Magic provides most of your Healing and Support traits, so running it is pretty mandatory.

Skirmishing is mostly for Spotter and Quickdraw. Spotter is the trait that gives your allies +100 Precision, any support Ranger not running this trait is generally frowned upon. Quickdraw is a nice bonus for your recharge rate when swapping weapons.

Druid - the traitline - is primarily used for being able to become the Druid (duh). Other than that - Primal Echoes, Natural Mender and Grace of the Land are pretty juicy traits to have.

Why Druid is great for Healing:

  • The BEST Healing output in the game, by far (a lot of times and overkill)
  • Incredible Support capability (which on top of the heals is magnificent)
  • Very simple to learn rotation-wise (for the amount of healing you provide, anyways)


So, these are GW2's Top 3 Healers. All of them are very capable and have their own ups and downs, pros and cons.

Do you agree with our picks for this list? Have we not mentioned your favourite Healer?

Let us know in the comment section down below!

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