[Top 5] Guild Wars 2 Best Crafting Disciplines and Which Are Most Profitable?

GW2 Best Crafting Class, GW2 Best Crafting profession
Craft your way to riches and success

When it comes to crafting in Guild Wars 2, you should choose those crafting disciplines that help you with your goals.

For instance, if you only play heavy professions like Guardians or Warriors, you will want to focus on crafting disciplines that aid these professions.

In this particular case that would be Armorsmithing and most likely Weaponsmithing.

When it comes to profit, it doesn't really matter which crafting discipline you choose. What is important though, is what you do with it.

Our advice is to level up the discipline you need for your game goals and you will certainly find a way to make some gold along the way.

Nevertheless, here is a list of the most useful crafting disciplines.

Please note that while the article contains video guides, they can be outdated and serve mostly to illustrate how to navigate through the specific crafting discipline interface and to get an idea of how each discipline works.

If you want frequently updated and relevant guides on all of the crafting disciplines, please visit the Guild Wars 2 Crafts website.

5. Scribe


The Scribe discipline is very useful if you have a Guild. It requires Heart of Thorns expansion and it allows you to craft Guild decorations for your Guild Hall!

The actual crafting is a bit different from other crafting disciplines. 

If you have a Guild or are in one perhaps you could be the decorator.

Why Scribe is Great:

  • Lets you craft decorations for your Guild
  • Lets you customize the Guild Hall according to your artistic vision
  • Gives you a great purpose and privilege within your Guild

Pick Scribe if:

  • You have an artistic and decorative spirit
  • You are looking to help your Guild by making your Guild Hall look great
  • You want to do something different than play general gameplay content

4. Chef

Cooking is the cheapest crafting discipline to master. 

This means it is a very cheap experience (if you are going for 80) and it also offers some nice perks if you level it to 400 or even 500.

While a lot of food can be bought dirt cheap directly from the Trading Post, a lot of the more lucrative food (offering higher and better bonuses and boosts) are either Account Bound or Soulbound on Acquire, which means you need to craft/cook it yourself.

Why Chef is Great:

  • Offers a very fast and cheap experience
  • Gives you the ability to cook some great food giving you valuable bonuses
  • Grants you access to boosts that are only available to those who cook the food themselves

Pick Chef if:

  • You want a cheap crafting discipline
  • You like to make your own food
  • You want to level up fast

3. Jeweler

The Jewelcrafting discipline specialises in crafting the trinkets and accessories for your character. 

It also lets you use the equipment upgrades, like Gemstones and Jewels, and upgrade them to improve their bonuses.

Why Jeweler is Great:

  • Lets you create your own Trinkets and Accessories
  • Very useful for crafting Ascended trinkets
  • Lets you upgrade your gear with higher quality gemstones and jewels

Pick Jeweler if:

  • You want to maximize your stats
  • You want to get full ascended trinkets
  • You want to supply the rest of your characters with crafted trinkets and accessories

2. Armorsmith/Leatherworker/Tailor

Now the choice here pretty much depends on what professions you play.

The whole point of these crafting disciplines is to gear your characters with Ascended Armor.

Armorsmith is for Heavy Armor, Leatherworker is for Medium Armor and Tailor, you guessed it, is for Light Armor.

Why Armorsmith/Leatherworker/Tailor is Great:

  • Lets you craft Ascended Armor (of your choice and preferred weight)
  • Yup, that’s it. Nothing else is needed. It’s the only way to obtain Ascended Armor, besides high-level (T4) T Fractals - which is basically random.


Pick Armorsmith/Leatherworker/Tailor if:

  • Want to craft Ascended Armor and maximize your stats

1. Weaponsmith/Huntsman/Artificer

Very similar to the number 2. on our list, just that these are used to craft weapons.

Weaponsmith is used to craft Melee weapons, Huntsman is for Ranged weapons and Artificer is for Magical Weapons.

We consider the crafting of Ascended weapons to be more valuable as it gives you a considerably bigger stat boost as opposed to Ascended Armor.

Weapon upgrade is generally advised to come before Armor upgrade, especially when it comes to Ascended Gear.

Why Weaponsmith/Huntsman/Artifice is Great:

  • Allows you to craft Ascended Weapons and boost your stats significantly

Pick Weaponsmith/Huntsman/Artifice if:

  • You ever want to upgrade your Weapons to Ascended and do endgame content such as Fractals, Raids or simply have superior stats to Exotics


So, unless you are only after some cheap and fast experience, you should always ALWAYS prioritize crafting disciplines that let you craft Ascended Weapons/Armor over anything else.

You will most certainly get to a point where you will be required to upgrade from Exotic to Ascended equipment, whether to participate in Fractals, Raids or other endgame PvE content.

Our advice is - do the crafting discipline you need for your characters to get well-equipped.

So if you play Guardian a lot and would like to play high-level fractals with it, you will need Agony Resistance to upgrade your gear and you can only upgrade Ascended gear this way.

That being said, feel free to experiment with what works best for you.

Let us know your ideas and thoughts about which crafting discipline is your favorite in the comment section below.

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