Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Best Solo Class 2019

Guild Wars 2 Best Solo Class
A Profession in Her Natural Habitat

Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Best Solo Class 2019

Solo Profession

Guild Wars 2, or GW2, offers many different game modes such as dungeons, wvw, and solo play. Thanhe Path of Fire expansion, solo play is one of the most rewarding and fun mode to play. It allows you to be a kick-butt, feared character all on your own. This article explores which professions are best to consider for solo play. What professions are best to take on the challenge of slaying centaurs and sea monsters?

1. Necromancer

Solo Necromancer

Necromancers do not walk alone. They typically have the aid of undead creatures to help them navigate the GW2 world. They kill their enemies with the use of their staffs and scepters. What makes them good in solo events?

  • They are durable and hard to kill
  • They have minions to absorb harmful spells
  • Causing fear is makes enemies run away, rendering them vulnerable to necromancers
  • High health bar
  • Healing abilities in scourge make necromancers hard to kill

If you are considering using a Necromancer, here is a great build, which uses soul reaping, blood magic, and scourge.

  • Increases might
  • Grants vitality
  • Gives power
  • Creates wells of blood that can help heal you
  • When in shroud (think of it as the necromancers deadly alter-ego), necromancers can gain double the health it normally would when you strike enemies
  • Use shade to induce fear and torment your enemies while gaining might
  • Cause opponents to bleed, crippling them
  • Feed off the health of your enemies while gaining power to finish them off


2. Thief 

Solo Theif

Thieves are a very mischievous, dodgy profession. They are loved amongst solo players because they have the ability to evade attacks. They are a strong DPS profession that are hard to defeat.

  • Evasive
  • Powerful attacks
  • Strong finishers
  • The rifle gives you distance from enemies
  • Mobility
  • Stealth

With the dagger and rifle build under the deadeye specialization makes the thief more sustainable and deadlier. Whether you pair the dagger with a sword or pistol, this deadly pair will insure that you’re the only boss left standing.

  • Quickness
  • Healing through stealth
  • You can take extra damage when stealing
  • Do more damage when your opponent has less than 2% health
  • Increased healing
  • Increased crippling
  • More malice means more health and power
  • Makes enemies vulnerable
  • Increased might
  • Power in long and short distance attacks
  • Knock enemies back
  • Distance is ideal when playing against more experienced players

3. Mesmer

Solo Mesmer

Shatter the s--, I mean crap out of your enemies with the mesmer. Mesmers have the ability to create illusions and shatter them on will, in turn making their enemies take more damage. They also have the ability to teleport and evade attacks.

  • Teleportation
  • High damage
  • Illusions distract enemies, take damage, and shatter

The best Mesmer build uses the great sword and focus for powerful strikes. Use domination, dueling, and mirage to be this powerhouse.

  • Evasive
  • Strong combos that make the mesmer spells more powerful
  • Increased vigor
  • Stealth
  • Daze enemies for longer
  • Block spells
  • Increased power
  • The focus deals more damage than other weapons
  • Dodging creates an illusion
  • Attacks multiple people at once

4. Ranger

Solo Ranger

Rangers are one of the simplest professions in GW2, but they pack a punch. This profession has a pet by their side that helps with attacking and removing damage. This makes fighting easier. Rangers typically use a bow and arrow which means their fighting is from a distance and makes it easier to see spells and evade them. Ranger is one of the most fun to play due to the effects and graphics it provides.

  • Good health
  • Strong damage
  • Your pet helps in the fight
  • Range weapons
  • Good dodging abilities
  • Blocking with swords

The best Ranger build uses a longbow and dagger/warhorn for range and close combat attacks. You will have the mobility to move the sword but also the option to stay back from a fight and get less damage with the bow. Choose marksmanship, wilderness survival, and soulbeast to be the best ranger out there.

  • Healing abilities makes it one of the better professions to use to combat some of the more powerful attacks
  • Increased damage
  • Powerful attacks
  • Strong spells recharge fast
  • You can receive less damage when you are below 50% health
  • Remove conditions
  • Spells that enemies can’t block
  • Reduce damage
  • Get protection when you dodge

5. Warrior

Solo Warrior

Warriors have a great number of weapons to choose from. They use maces, swords, bows, hammers, axes and more that make play more fun. They are built to take more damage, so they are more stable in fights. Warrior stances give warrior the edge on enemies by giving them more power and tank abilities

  • More weapons to choose from
  • Can take more damage
  • Increased power
  • Increased speed

The best build uses greatsword and dagger/shield. Use strength, disciple, and spellbreaker to give your warrior more power, blocking abilities, and evading abilities.

  • Damage reduction
  • Increased recharge on spells
  • Gain health
  • Dodging is increased
  • Speed and mobility are increased
  • Removing boons gives you more damage
  • A good build when you’re attacking a profession with stealth such as Mesmers and thieves

GW2 gives you a wide range of different characters, specializations, weapons, and abilities to choose from. With different specializations, there is a wide variety of amazing solo play builds to consider. Do you want to feed off the health of enemies and cause them to bleed? Or do you want to clone yourself and attack with burst effects? Pick one, pick all, they are the best builds GW2 has to offer, you can’t go wrong


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