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When you want to look cool, or look at something cool, animations are where its at

ArenaNet, the developers of Guild Wars 2, spent a lot of time and attention designing the models and animations for the characters in their game. And, because not all races are the same shape and size, some of them look better – or more awkward – when in combat.

In particular, class skills can bring out these interesting animations. Follow along below to explore the five most interesting animations you’ll see when playing GW2.

5. Charr Thief

Charr Thief in combat

In the GW2 world, the Charr are one of the few non-humanoid races – and the only one playable – and as a result, they have their own somewhat specialized set of animations. Their model is “humanoid” enough to use a lot of the same skeletal animations, but their run is one of the most interesting in the game (a four-legged lope).

The Thief class has a lot of smooth dodging and side-stepping in it, especially when in combat. It’s a very agile class that encourages a lot of mobility. As a result, its animations match this – for example, the sword/dagger “Flanking Strike” blurs the thief as the nimbly step to one side and thrust inwards.

All of this looks interesting on Charr, because – even if they are on the smaller size – they look huge and take up a lot of space, but Thieves somersault and twirl on their feet as they move.

4. Sylvari Revenant

Sylvari Revenant in combat

The Sylvari take to everything with cheerful aplomb and that matches well with the various legends they can channel as Revenants. Also, Revenants don’t always associate weapons the same way normal people do – after all, Revenant hammers are ranged weapons.

So, one thing that you find quickly about Sylvari Revenants is that their attacks are extremely mobile looking. They swing hard and wide, overhead sometimes and with a committed gusto. This is especially apparent with mace attacks, which include a somersaulting overhead blow that hits the ground with a bone-shattering slam.

However, what really makes Sylvari Revenants fun is the way they look when they’re channeling Mallyx the Unyielding and are engulfed by his six-eyed form for a short period of time while they wreak havoc on the battlefield.

3. Sylvari Mesmer

Sylvari Mesmer in combat

For Mesmers in general, this one may go for most of the races, but there’s something positively elegant about the Sylvari. Their animations approach everything with an air of grace and aplomb that expresses their childlike, and sometimes playful, nature as a new race.

Mesmers have a lot of animations in their attacks that use weapons as gestures instead of strikes. This is certainly true for the sword and axe. Both of which use blurred fluttering animations when attacking – axes in particular also have attack types that throw the caster forward or pull them into a spinning motion.

This becomes especially revealed for Mirage specialized Mesmers using the axe. Watch the “Lingering Thoughts” axe attack carefully and you’ll witness this poetry in motion.

2. Human Elementalist

Human Elementalist in combat

When it comes to races in games, humans are essentially the most boring but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get good animations.

Elementalists get to wield the raw powers of nature – Fire, Air, Earth, and Water – and as such, they also get a broad opportunity to use all sorts of different effects for the weapons that they carry. Some animations do look a lot more interesting than others, but the Weaver specialization ends up looking the best.

Weavers get access to swords, and when they swing it’s a lot like a dance. By coupling attacks and switching elements, Weavers twirl and pirouette around their enemy – leaping and withdrawing with ease. It’s a dangerous ballet of precision and beauty.

The best example of this is from the “Twist of Fate” utility skill (and also “Riptide” under sword with Water attunement) where the Weaver is lifted into the air and twirls with her weapons orbiting around her as she floats.

1. Asura Necromancer

Asura Necromancer in combat

The Asura are an interesting race in GW2, in particular, they are the tiny, diminutive race. This puts them on the same level as gnomes and dwarves from other Fantasy settings. Their tiny size is also part of what makes their animations so interesting.

For Necromancers who take the Reaper specialization the greatsword is unlocked as a weapon type. When not wielding their greatsword, but with it drawn, Asura will run with it over their shoulder.

Also, many of the combat animations used by asura have them rise into the air (because they’re so short). This can even be seen with certain mining tool animations and when carving pumpkins on Halloween. It’s hilarious to watch a tiny Asura leap into the air and then swing wildly with a knife to carve a jack o’lantern.

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