GW2 Best Achievement Rewards (Top 10)

Guild Wars 2 best Achivement Rewards
If you're an achievement glutton here's the best ones for you

When only achievements will do here's the best rewards available

Massively multiplayer games often have one thing in common: they get people to do things by offering rewards for achievements. Guild Wars 2 is no different and many of the achievements are fun – such as rewarding exploration and learning about the environment and story – but nothing is quite so fun as getting an interesting item for your troubles.

Here are the ten best achievement rewards for getting stuff done in GW2 from practical items (such as bags) to cosmetic items (such as swords and backpacks).

10. Bandit Coin Purse from Bandit Weapons Specialist

Bandit Weapons Specialist reward

The Bandit Weapons Specialist achievement is a collection, which means you must collect a number of items, in this case Bandit Weapon skins. Upon completing this achievement, you will be rewarded with a 20-slot bag.

To start this achievement, you must buy a Bandit Combat Journal from one of the quartermasters in the Silverwastes. From there, Bandit weapon skins can be obtained from chests in the Silverwastes or crafted by a Weaponsmith.

Achievement reward: Bandit Coin Purse (bag)

This is a 20-slot bag, making it one of the largest bags in the game and as an achievement reward it’s relatively easy to get.

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9. Uncanny Jar from Uncanny Canner

The Uncanny Canner achievement reward

The Uncanny Canner achievement is a basic collection that sends you all around Tyria to discover jars of many different types. Upon completing this achievement, you will be rewarded with a 20-slot bag – the Uncanny Jar.

The collection is a total of 11 different items all across Core Tyria which is fairly quick and simple. Some of the jars require completing events, but most can be bought from unlockable vendors.

Achievement reward: Uncanny Jar (bag)

The reward is a 20-slot bag, which is one of the biggest bags available in the game.

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8. Spirit Smith (backpack skin) from Spirit Crafter

The Spirit Crafter achievement reward

To be a Spirit Crafter is to make spirit weapons – the transparent weapons wreathed in blue fire wielded primarily by Guardians. Getting this achievement, through crafting all those available to mere mortals, gives a backpack skin that looks like a blacksmith pack, but instead it’s semi transparent.

This is a rare collection achievement and it is unlocked by unlocking five spirit weapon skins – this means either crafting them or buying them from the Trading Post.

Achievement reward: Spirit Smith (backpack skin)

This backpack is gorgeous and an interesting addition to any wardrobe. As it is see-through in appearance, it will not conflict with a lot of different outfits and it looks interesting on anyone – especially characters who want to convey a sense of majesty. The backpack is also ascended and has selectable stats.

7. Favor of the Colossus from Legend Builder

The torch Favor of the Colossus

The Favor of the Colossus is a torch that came out of the Design-a-Weapon Contest during 2017. It was inserted into the game with a collection achievement and it must be crafted using the Mystic Forge.

The item itself takes a few hoops to leap through, collecting items, and requires a recipe of 2 Lesser Vision Crystals, 3 Vials of Blood, 6 Sapphires, and 15 Globs of Ectoplasm to make an Ectoplasm-Infused Vision Crystal to start the process.

Achievement reward: Favor of the Colossus (torch skin)

The Favor of the Colossus torch skin is a large silver brazier fashioned to look like a pair of hands wrapped in chains. The hands embrace an ever-swirling ball of violet flame between them. It has selectable stats on creation.

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6. Eclipse from Guide to Greater Understanding

The greatsword Eclipse

The weapon, Eclipse, is a weapon skin that just like the above achievement reward came from the Design-a-Weapon Contest during 2017. The achievement also starts with the creation of an Ectoplasm-Infused Vision Crystal in the Mystic Forge.

See above for the recipe for the Vision Crystal, after that the Guide to Greater Understanding achievement follows a different course that takes you around Tyria to visit various spots in the Fields of Ruin to learn more memories and stories about the region.

Achievement reward: Eclipse (greatsword skin)

Eclipse is a greatsword skin with a massive blade that is etched with the phases of the moon – its pommel and guard are purple and it includes a violet ribbon that trails beneath the weapon when it’s drawn.

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5. Luminate’s Backplate

The exalted backplate of Luminate

The Exalted of Tarir in Auric Basin have been defending the region from the Mordrem for eons and in their fight against the constant siege they remember the history of the Great Golden City of Tarir.

The reward from this achievement is a collection of items rewarded from doing various tasks around Tarir – primarily assisting in its defense. The achievement also requires the completion of the Auric Backplate collection, which is obtained by getting all of the Auric weapons skins (another collection).

Achievement reward: Luminate’s Backplate (backpack skin)

The eponymous reward from this achievement is a backpack skin with a similar golden skin to the Exalted armors found around Tarir and their gleaming occupants. It is suffused with a swirling golden glow. It couples nicely with any darker outfit, or anything that a yellow/gold backpack will compliment.

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4. Radiant Armor from AP Achievement Milestones

Radiant armor from the AP rewards system

Every time you get an achievement in GW2 you get AP, or ArenaNet Points. As your AP number rises you will meet certain milestones, and at these points, you get achievement chests of various sizes. Eventually, a chest of grand size will appear and you will get to choose between Radiant and Hellfire armor skins – both are fairly visually appealing.

The Radiant Armor, in particular, looks good with other pieces, so it goes here (but Hellfire is still worth checking out).

Achievement reward: Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor is an interesting set in that its pieces provide a bright, suffuse glow on a character that looks interesting at a distance. It is also one of the first pieces of brightly glowing exotic armor that any player will get – because as they go up the AP milestones they get armor pieces. It’s not the best looking suit of armor, but some of the parts do mix and match extremely well.

The Radiant armor set takes a very long time to get all the pieces. Fortunately, the pieces come with milestones when earning AP.

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3. Koda’s Warmth Enrichment from Koda’s Blessing

The Warmth of Koda

Koda is the central deity of the Kodan, a large polar bear anthropomorphic race who live beyond the Shiverpeak mountains in northern Tyria. The Kodan are known for their philosophy of rigorous balance and creation stories about how the world of ice began to warm and the people of Koda moved out into the world.

To complete this achievement, you must earn the favor of Koda by making offerings. It starts by purchasing an Offering Basket from Slooshoo in the Bitterfrost Frontier. It is then necessary to fill baskets with various related ingredients to create “offerings” – these offerings come from all over Tyria and represent people, regions, and ideas such as cooperation, resistance, restoration and so forth.

Achievement reward: Koda’s Warmth Enrichment

This item is an enrichment slot infusion that applies a suffuse, warm and fiery glow to the heart of a character as an aura. It really does make the character look “warm” and is visible through armor and any other outfit being worn.

How to complete Achievement Name:

2. Karmic Converter from Exotic Hunter

The Karmic Converter

This achievement is for those players who are willing to put their nose to the grindstone and really, really collect things in GW2. It is 34 weapon skins in total and requires skins from some extremely costly weapons in the game – however, the reward is certainly worth it: a converter that will take some karma and provide useful items daily.

As a collection, 34 weapon skins may not seem like many, but most of them are rare (or semi-rare) exotic weapons. The most expensive can exceed 39 gold on the Trading Post such as Razah’s Nightmare torch and Arthropodia, the longbow made out of a crab.

Achievement reward: Karmic Converter

The Karmic Converter is a daily-use item that allows you to exchange some karma for one of three items. Upon use, a vendor window will open and from there you can buy any item available. After a purchase, the list clears until the next reset.

Potential items include obsidian, crafting bags, rune bags, sigil bags, supplies and numerous other interesting and useful grab-bag type items. This is a great item for any player who has far more karma than they can possibly spend.

1. Enchanted Treasure Chest from Treasure Hunter

The Enchanted Treasure Chest

Just like the Exotic Hunter achievement, Treasure Hunter requires collecting treasure from all across Tyria. Since this achievement requires 39 different items, it can take quite a while, although most of them can be bought from the Trading Post or purchased from vendors.

Some of the items in the list must be crafted or are rewards from killing world bosses – including, as gross as it is, the tail of a centaur boss. The result is that this achievement will send you all across Tyria to kick butt and take names (or in some cases tails).

This achievement is a scavenger hunt that is long, extensive and spends a lot of amazing time exploring all of the world of Guild Wars 2 – and this in-of-itself is a reward, but then there’s the actual reward: a treasure chest for your home instance.

Achievement reward: Enchanted Treasure Chest

The Enchanted Treasure Chest is a treasure chest (as you might expect) that appears in your home instance once the achievement is completed. The chest replenishes itself daily and acts a general grab bag of treasure, it contains a few valuable items, some masterwork equipment and a rare – which has a chance to be an exotic.

The chest is visible to anyone who visits your instance, but only people who have the achievement can actually use it.

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